Arrest at LHJH results in campus lock down


The plan to serve an arrest warrant for a student at Liberty Hill Junior High resulted in a few tense moments on the campus Monday.

“There was a juvenile warrant for a prior case that occurred at the school,” Liberty Hill Police Chief Maverick Campbell said. “The school notified us that he was at school. It was worked out between our department and the principal at the Junior High where they arranged for him to come to the office where he was not suspect it was involving the police.”

When Liberty Hill Police officers arrived on campus about 1 p.m. the student climbed out of a conference room window and onto the roof. The juvenile was eventually talked down from the roof and was taken into custody.

“Unfortunately, when officers showed up and sat down to talk there was a window in that room that was not secured,” Campbell said. “We didn’t know he was a flight risk. But there were no weapons involved or anything like that. This was planned out, but unfortunately, plans don’t always go as planned and he was able to get out of the room.”

In a brief statement on the incident, Superintendent Steve Snell said, “In the interest of safety, the campus was locked
down until first responders could talk the student off the roof and escort him safely off the campus.”

The decision to serve the warrant on campus involved a number of factors, according to Campbell.

“Typically in those type situations it is easier to pick up the juvenile at the school because they are in the custody of the school at the time and they’re not in a random house where they can run into a room and we don’t know if there are weapons in that room or not,” he said. “If we were to do it outside the school it would have been outside the city limits at a location even more difficult to find the juvenile and more dangerous for the juvenile.”