Elementary teachers, staff receive school assignments for fall 2017


Teachers and other staff members at each of Liberty Hill’s elementary schools received their campus assignments for the 2017-2018 academic year just before Spring Break.

With the addition of Rancho Sienna Elementary School, which opens in August, students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grades will be assigned to one of three elementary campuses — Liberty Hill Elementary, Bill Burden Elementary or Rancho Sienna.

Once the existing employees were assigned, it was determined that additional positions were needed at each campus. Liberty Hill school trustees approved the new positions at their regular meeting Monday.

At Liberty Hill Elementary, new positions include a counselor, instructional technologist, PPCD (4yr) teacher, and a resource teacher.

At Bill Burden, an elementary teacher and a resource teacher were added.

At the new campus at Rancho Sienna, new positions include an art teacher, a music teacher, librarian, ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, reading intervention, math intervention, CALT teacher, a nurse and a resource teacher.

Also Monday, trustees adopted the school calendar for 2017-2018, which has students starting to school on August 21. Professional staff report back to school on August 9, with new employees starting August 7.
Graduation for the class of 2018 is June 1, 2018, and the last day of school will be May 30.

The week long vacation at Thanksgiving, which families enjoyed in 2016, is once again on the calendar for the coming school year.

Also this week, the Board of Trustees approved the Guaranteed maximum Price (GMP) for construction projects at Liberty Hill Elementary and Liberty Hill Intermediate schools. Those projects were funded with bonds approved by voters in 2016. The GMP is $3.1 million. The work will be completed this summer, in addition to improvements at the agriculture barn at Liberty Hill Junior High.

Following an executive session Monday, trustees approved the employment of Tanya Hodges as Assistant Principal at Bill Burden. Hodges will move to Rancho Sienna Elementary as its Assistant Principal in the fall.

Also approved were Sherilyn Durham, as Intermediate School librarian; Kent Walker, high school teacher/ coach.

The Board accepted the resignations of Charles “Doc” Harrington, high school athletic trainer; high school counselor Kathy Gay; Beth Williamson, LH Elementary reading intervention; and Casey Cummings.

2017 Staff Assignments by elementary campus

Rancho Sienna Elementary
Melanie Bowman – Principal
Tanya Hodges – Asst. Principal

Morgan Adams – Kinder
Mary Ann Allen – OT
Carolyn Bahr – 4th
Jordan Ball – 3rd
Stephanie Blay – 3rd
Beth Bowman – ILS
Morgan Clopton – 4th
Jackie Conley – Resource/Solid Roots
Amanda Day – ARD Facilitator
Amber Dixon – 1st
Karen Escamilla – 2nd
Christina Gamez – PE
Chelle Harrison – Pre-K
Juli Haught– 1st
Laurie Houston – Kinder
Melissa Janisheck – ILS
Leticia Lankford – 3rd
Emily Menke – Kinder
Heather Naragon – 2nd
Emily Newman – Kinder
Stephen Openshaw – 4th
Kim Pierce – 1st
Wendy Pleak – 2nd
Emily Richeson – IT
Julie Shaw – Counselor
Kimbra Shephard – 1st
Stacey Splawn – Kinder
Alicia Sprinkle – 2nd
Ruby Tuffentsamer – Pre-K
Michelle Warner – Speech
Amy Waters – 3rd
Brittany Wood – 4th
Kelsey Brewer – ILS Aide
Jennifer Burditt – ILS Aide
Leticia Eugia – ILS Aide
Racheal James – Pre K Aide
Selena Neal – Spec Ed Inclusion Aide
Tiffany Rosson – Pre-K Aide
Libby Scott – PE Aide
Lea Szczerba– Solid Roots Aide
The following positions at Rancho remain open: ILS Aide, Library Aide, Spec Ed Inclusion Aide, Art, CALT, Diagnostician, ESL, Library, Math Intervention, Music, Nurse, Reading Intervention, Resource, Administrative Asst., Receptionist, and Attendance Clerk/Registrar.

Bill Burden Elementary
Terrie Chambers – Principal
Elizabeth DeFrancisis – Asst. Principal

Sherry Aaron – 2nd
Joy Barreras– 4th
Maria Burks – 4th
Mary Davis – 1st
Jima Dungan – Kinder
Christina Espinoza – IT
Kasey Faurie – PE
Crystal Giddens – Kinder
Tara Gray – Kinder
Mary Kay Gunn – 3rd
Traci Haffelder – 3rd
April Hagar – 2nd
Crystal Harlow – ESL
Amber Haskins – Resource/FAC
Janet Hill – Solid Roots
Teresa Jay – 1st
Jolie Jennings – Library
Kenneth Kluver – 3rd
Rebecca Kott – Art
Amanda Little – Kinder
Samantha Lynn – 4th
Gina Maples – 1st
Nicole McConnell – 3rd
Christa McCoy – 1st
Joyce Milam – Kinder
Jennifer Nunez – 2nd
Kenna Park – 3rd
Christi Poulter – Music
Chelsea Powell – 4th
Celeste Ragsdale – 2nd
Jan Reeves – Counselor
Andrea Rosenbusch – CALT
Kathy Runnels – 3rd
Cheryl Russell – 2nd
Patricia Simpson – GT Coordinator
Ciara Teter – 4th
Christina Tucker – 4th
Stephanie Turek – Nurse
Emily Walker – Math Intervention
Nicki Williams – Pre-K
Desirae Wilson – Pre-K
Nell Winstead – Reading Intervention
Joni Dixon – Secretary
Shannon Price – Receptionist
Martha Hinojosa – Attendance Clerk/Registrar
Maria Anaya – ESL Aide
Jessica Andreasen – Spec Ed Aide
Wanda Beard – Library Aide
Kersten Cousins – PE/Inclusion Aide
Stephenie Franklin – Solid Roots Aide
Janis Germann – Spec Ed Aide
Carol Gray – Spec Ed Aide
Gwyn Greenstreet – Pre K Aide
Alexia Lucus (Simpson) – PE Aide
Sally Sims – Pre K Aide
The following positions at Bill Burden remain open: 1st grade, 4th grade, ARD Facilitator and Resource.


Liberty Hill Elementary
Heather Collison – Principal
Shellie Brewer – Asst. Principal
Courtney Bishop – 4th
Lori Cosper – PE
Kimberly De La Houssay – Diag
Linda Downey – Music
Michaella Ellis – Nurse
Ashley Garner – 3rd
Cacie Gates – Resource
Cindy Gatlin – Kinder
Linda Golemi – Art
Marsha Hood – Kinder
Jennifer Hurley – 2nd
Alison Jalufka – 1st
Lindsey Jameyson – 2nd
Patricia Jaramillo – Pre-K
Janis Kidd – Library
Cathy Kieschnick – 1st
Cindy Kiger – 3rd
Emily Lively – 4th
Terry Mayer – FSC PPCD
Angela Meade – Behavior Support Specialist
Jennifer Morrison – 3rd
Suzie Neuenschwander – 4th
Stefanie Park – 2nd
Laura Parsons – Speech Path
Lisa Pavia – Kinder
Amy Rampy – 2nd
Letitia Ray – CALT
Caleb Slack – ESL
Leanette Smith – 1st
Hillary Stippick – 4th
Ashley Sugimura – PPCD 3 year
Angie Teeler – 3rd
Christy Truitt – Math Int.
Beth Williamson – Reading Int.
Julie Wright – 3rd
Claudia Sandoval – Secretary
June Badon – Receptionist
Lila Aud – Library Aide
Michelle Boring – FSC Aide
Lindsey Curington – PE Aide
Michelle Frederick – Reading Int. Aide
Bridget Friday – FSC Aide
Jamie Hamilton – PPCD Aide 4 years
Lisa Kirk – PPCD Aide 3 Years
Sybil Nance – Pathways Aide
Arrmandina Segovia – Pre-K Aide
Jami Shelton – Solid Roots Aide
Alesha Tolbert – Pathways Aide
The following positions at Liberty Hill Elementary remain open: counselor, IT, PPCD 4 year teacher, Resource teacher, and Attendance Clerk/Registrar.