Therapist treating Liberty Hill’s physical pains



Aaron Wells of Texas Physical Therapy Specialists. (Photo by Kate Ludlow)

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists understand that life can be a real pain in the neck. But when that stress starts to cause real, physical pain, they also want to be the ones to help you get back to normal.

With that in mind, Aaron J. Wells, P.T., M.P.T, Clinic Director at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists offers free physical therapy screenings.

“We require a doctor’s referral before we can provide treatment, but we do offer free screenings if you have any questions about how physical therapy can benefit you.  There’s no charge for the screening. Anytime you have an ache or pain, we can try to keep it from becoming a bigger issue by looking at more than just the affected area. If we can treat the source of the pain, the patient will have a better chance of not only eliminating the pain, but reducing the risk of future injury,” said Wells.

Born and raised in Kentucky, it was a love of sports that got Wells interested in physical therapy.

“I played basketball in high school. My athletic trainer was also a physical therapist and I was able to shadow him my junior year. His ability to make a difference in his patients’ lives and how much they looked up to him is what inspired me. I enjoy being active, so I liked the athletic aspect of physical therapy, but our profession is about much more than that,” he said.

Wells graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. He then received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, and in July, will begin working on his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He believes that staying fit is in his job description.

“I play basketball. I golf. I hang around the gym and try to stay active. I believe that I lead by example. I can’t expect my patients to do their exercises at home to better themselves if I’m not doing the same thing at home,” he said.

Wells lives in Round Rock with his wife, Anna, an aerobics instructor.

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists treats people of all age – from children to senior citizens.

“We see all ages and a wide variety of issues,” he said. “This includes injuries such as a painful back preventing you from walking long distances, headaches and neck stiffness that keeps you from sitting at the computer at work, and shoulder or knee pain that keeps you off the field. A majority of injuries begin with people not taking care of themselves properly or not knowing how to do so.  They aren’t stretching or they are not doing the right exercises at the gym. I use a variety of evidence based manual treatments to reduce your pain and will place you on a program specific to your condition. This allows you to maintain your progress and reduce future risk of injury.”

Being a sports fan, Wells has found a good match in Liberty Hill where high school sports are discussed with the same seriousness as professional sports.

“It’s what I loved about Liberty Hill,” he said. “It’s very centered around the high school. Whether it’s the girls basketball team going to state or the football program. It’s fun to be here in Liberty Hill, and I’ve felt very welcome.”

Wells works closely with the local athletes after injuries or for conditioning. He talks with the athletic trainers to gain more insight, and is developing a relationship with them.

In Kentucky, he was part of a version of the Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge and loved the concept of a community coming together to promote wellness.

“The community wellness programs keep you accountable. For the most part, becoming physically fit is a lifestyle change. It requires eating better and becoming more active,” he said. “It’s hard and it’s a big change. But another reason why I love my profession is because we are often the ones to help motivate and educate the community to get started, and a lot of times that begins with getting rid of those nagging aches and pains.”

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists was recently named one of 2012’s “Best Places To Work In Austin” by The Austin Business Journal. Companies that received the award were selected for the office climate, team atmosphere, employee benefits and employee engagement in the office structure.

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists is located at 13740 W. State Highway 29, and appointments can be made by phone at (512) 778-6700. The Liberty Hill office is one of 13 locations across Texas.