Two Brand It proud to be Panther headquarters


By Rachel Madison

There are a lot of places in Liberty Hill where Panther fans, parents and students can buy their purple and gold gear, but one local store goes above and beyond to cater to that specific crowd.

Two Brand It, owned by Jennifer Smith and her son Caleb Slye, has been a part of Liberty Hill since 2013, but when Smith and Slye purchased the business in 2016, they decided to turn it from a boutique into the town’s Panther headquarters.

“My friend Jennifer Ferrell used to own Two Brand It,” Smith said. “She wanted to sell the business and I wanted to buy it, so it worked out perfectly. Her store was more of a boutique, and when my son and I bought the business, we wanted a place for people to go to get spirit wear and be able to wear it that same day. Our main goal when we bought the store was to turn into Panther headquarters.”

Smith said the idea behind making Two Brand It Liberty Hill’s Panther headquarters was because she herself has seven children—five who have graduated from Liberty Hill High School and two who are still students there—so the Panther spirit runs deep.

“We have lived in Liberty Hill for 20 years,” she said. “My background is in retail. I used to be an area manager for American Eagle, which I did for 20 plus years, and then I helped my husband in the front office of his business in Cedar Park for a while. When my son, Caleb, graduated with his business degree, I was wanting to work closer to Liberty Hill [for my two youngest children], so it all worked out great.”

Smith has enlisted many more than just her son, who does most of the embroidery, to help run things at Two Brand It. Her son-in-law does graphic design, while another son does screen printing. Her sister-in-law works for her, and her daughters in college and high school help out at the store on the weekends.

“It’s a whole family-run business,” she said. “It’s nice to have my kids helping out and working here.”

Two Brand It was previously located in downtown Liberty Hill but moved to its new location in July. The location, on State Highway 29, was home to the Liberty Hill Police Department for several years.

“We bought this property last year and had to totally gut it and restore it because it had mold in it,” Smith said. “Everything was taken out and redone, and we moved in this past July. We needed the parking space and easier access for customers, plus we have more room here to grow if we need to. We didn’t own our other building, so when this one came up for sale, we bought it so we can expand in the future.”

Besides plans to expand someday, Smith added that she’d like to have a mural done on her building as well.

“We’re going to redo the outside and do a mural wall, which we’d like local people to give us ideas for,” she said. “It’ll have to be something Panther focused for sure.”

Two Brand It provides a myriad of custom services, like screen printing, embroidery, vinyl and direct-to-garment printing. The retail store itself is 90 percent focused on Liberty Hill and Panther spirit gear.

“We have every sport available on the racks in the store, from soccer to football,” Smith said. “If you want to customize anything we have, you can do that. For example, if your son plays football and you want to buy a hoodie, you can put his name and jersey number on the back.”

Embroidery can also be done on anything, from hats and shirts to backpacks and stadium chairs, Smith added.

Two Brand It also has online stores for several sports on its website, like the swim team and cross country, as well as for Liberty Hill Junior High School. Smith added that 20 percent of all purchases made online goes back to the schools.

“My kids have all grown up here and graduated high school here, and I love that we’re really one school, one team and one family,” Smith said. “Even other businesses that do some of the same things I do are so supportive. My favorite thing about being here is being a part of that, where we all support each other.”

Two Brand It is located at 14262 SH 29 and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information, visit