Spending light for most candidates during first reporting period


The campaigns for school board and city council have been light on spending and fundraising for most candidates through the first reporting period.

Only two of nine candidates – mayoral candidates incumbent Connie Fuller and challenger Rick Hall – filed the standard campaign finance report required by the state 30 days prior to the election.

The other seven candidates each signed the modified candidate reporting declaration when they filed to run, declaring they would not raise or spend in excess of $500 throughout the campaign.

If a candidate filing the modified declaration exceeds the $500 limit in fundraising – including personal contributions to their own campaign – or expenditures, they are required to file the standard campaign finance form within 48 hours of exceeding the $500 limit, according to Ian Steusloff with the Texas Ethics Commission.

For the mayoral race, Fuller out-gained Hall in contributions, raising $6,725 from 25 donors, not counting a personal loan to her campaign of $1,500.

Hall brought in $800 from two donors and loaned his campaign $1,300 in personal funds.

Hall spent $894 on campaign signs with 183 Signs and Embroidery, as well as food and campaign rally supplies at Dahlia Cafe ($38), Dippers Wing Bar ($120) and Dollar General ($44.60). Expenses also included Facebook advertising ($14.51).

The $3,276 spent by Fuller included services from DigiTex Printing ($268.47 for post cards, copies), Wilk Imaging ($65 for photography), Thomas Graphics ($560.19 for push cards and design), U.S. Post Office ($510.72 for postage), and The Liberty Hill Independent ($390 for advertising). Additional expenses included Clyde Davis for $56.24 for Chick-Fil-A meet and greet, and Bison Signs, $1,420.67 for yard signs. Fuller also showed a reimbursement in the amount of $1,500 for a personal loan to the campaign.

Rick Hall Contributions
Dahlia Cafe, Liberty Hill $300
Cory Ross DBA R Ranch, Liberty Hill $500

Connie Fuller Contributions
1941 Mgt. LC/RK Pfeister, Georgetown $500
Janet Widmer, Liberty Hill $300
John Sharp Avery Jr., Cedar Park $250
Greg Boatright, Liberty Hill $250
James Edward Horne, Austin $500
Debra Norman, Liberty Hill $25
Richard Maier, Austin $250
Charles Coleman, Lakeway $500
Curtis Steger, Georgetown $500
Patrick Stevens, Georgetown $500
Chad Cormack, Austin $100
Karen Friese, Austin $200
Coneway Family Trust, Austin $150
Kaibo Construction, Liberty Hill $200
Bill Chapman, Liberty Hill $100
CP&Y PAC/David Hays, Dallas $250
Halff Assoc./Mike Robinson,Richardson $250
Liz Rundzieher, Liberty Hill $50
John Doucet, Dripping Springs $500
Jimmy Oliver, Liberty Hill $50
James Plasek, Georgetown $500
Donald Eckols, Austin $100
Perry Steger, Georgetown $500
Sally McFeron, Austin $50
Mary Lyn Jones, Liberty Hill $150

The next campaign finance reporting date is eight days prior to the May 5 election, which means reports must be filed by April 27.
City council candidates file reports with the city secretary, while school board candidates file reports with the superintendent’s office.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, “a person who files a report late or fails to file a report is subject to a late-filing penalty. The late-filing penalty in connection with most reports is $500. For a report due eight days before an election or for the first semiannual report due after a primary or general election, the late filing penalty is $500 for the first day the report is late and $100 a day for each day thereafter that the report is late. Also, any citizen may file a criminal complaint with the district attorney, a civil complaint with the Ethics Commission, or a civil action against a candidate or officeholder for violations of Title 15. Any penalty stemming from such complaints would be assessed against the candidate or officeholder, not the campaign treasurer.”

More information on filing requirements can be found online from the Texas Ethics Commission, at www.ethics.state.tx.us.