Rosemont captures the best of past and future living



Rosemont is a throwback to when every house was a home, with its own unique look and feel, but is built around all the modern amenities homebuyers dream of today.

A short walk from the blooming downtown of Liberty Hill – with revitalized parks – and near Liberty Hill Elementary, the new 50-home subdivision captures the spirit of small town living.

“We grew up here,” developer Jon Branigan said of he and his wife, Rose. “In building houses close to the revitalized downtown area, we wanted to build houses that had a more historical architectural theme that was a throwback to what was built before homes were mass produced. If you go to any older neighborhood in any town, none of the houses look the same. They’re all different because they were built by craftsmen, building one house at a time. That’s what is important to us.”

The Branigans have put their heart and soul into the new development, something different than anything they have done in the past, hoping to create something unique.

Even the neighborhood’s name, and street names, carry a special meaning for the Branigans.

“Jon picked the name, naming it after me,” Rose said. “And the streets are Charli Circle and Dax Drive, those are our two youngest children.”

The homes range in size from 1,680 to 2,400 square feet, and Jon hopes to have all 50 completed in 30 months.

“Every house will have a different look and feel to it,” he said. “No two homes have the same exterior elevation.”

And the unique character of the Rosemont homes carries on past the curb appeal, with custom cabinets, and special touches, such as stained glass cabinet doors or fireplace mantles from repurposed materials, that defy the standard track home idea.

Custom-made artisan light fixtures can be found in every home, alongside modern luxuries such as jetted claw-foot tubs, walk-in showers, commercial stoves, tankless water heaters, propane and cloud-based technology to control home audio, climate and security systems.

“There’s quite a bit of variety between each one if you walk through,” Rose said. “The floor plans, and individual characteristics are all unique. If you’re moving here and you really want the old school Liberty Hill feel, this is the place for it. Downtown will keep that true as the revitalization continues and our neighborhood will reflect that through the architecture.”

To celebrate the end of the school year, Rosemont is hosting a Summer Bash for the community from 3-5 p.m., May 30, with a chance to tour model homes, enjoy free Kona Ice, some play time at the community park, candy, and a chance for one lucky girl and boy to win a free bicycle.

There is no part of the project the Branigans don’t touch, beginning with the design of each home.

Jon worked closely with the architects on the design of each home, and made sure the biggest issues, to the smallest, were addressed.

Even the inclusion of sidewalks are important in creating the sense of community the Branigans are looking for in their new neighborhood.

“We want he residents to have a sense of community,” he said. “We tried to encourage a small town feel in all of our developments. We want a sense of community in Liberty Hill, not a sense of community as a suburb of North Austin.”

Not only does the development offer amenities at lower costs – including homeowners association dues of only $100 annually and no Municipal Utility District taxes, it offers easy connectivity to all of the exciting growth in Liberty Hill, and he knows this might be one of the last opportunities people get to buy in old town as growth happens quickly around the city.

“This is walking distance to the new swim center being built at City Park,” he said. “It will be walking distance to Wetzel Park with its splash pad. Here, you get amenities like this, the exciting changes that are going on with the downtown revitalization and the taxes are less.”

As each home is constructed, Jon enjoys the process, waking up each day eager to create something new and better than the last day.

“I take great pride in trying to make Liberty Hill a better place,” he said. “The only place I’ve really built houses is Liberty Hill. I’ve had a hand in building, or developing lots in excess of 1,400 properties in the Liberty Hill area.

“I am excited to see what goes on here, to see my ideas come to fruition and people be happy about it, but it goes beyond this subdivision. I’m not coming into this town to sell a product as quickly as possible and make as much money as I can and be gone. I’m here to help build the community. I take a great amount of pride and satisfaction in watching all of these projects get done, Rosemont is just our new special project.”

Homebuyers who visit Rosemont will enjoy the unique opportunity to buy from the family who designed and built the homes they are looking to invest their future in.

“We make the home buying process easy,” Rose said. “We know the lenders, we speak the language, because we are experienced in all phases of the development. We want to help people understand all that goes into it. We’re both very knowledgable in all steps of this, and we really try to help people understand and feel comfortable with what they’re doing the whole way.”

With a successful history in Liberty Hill, the Branigans are excited about an exciting future in the community as well, through the completion of Rosemont and beyond, and that is a comfort buyers can’t find in every experience.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Jon said. “We’re going to see them at sporting events or at community events, church, so there has to be a sense of trust developed when you have a builder that also lives in your community.”