Planning & Zoning discusses new plats


Members of the Planning & Zoning Commission discussed plats for two pending residential developments, but took no action on either one Tuesday.

Acting on the advice of City Manager Manuel DeLaRosa, the Commission agreed it was best to wait on the counsel of City engineers and lawyers regarding a plat resubmission by Highland Meadows.

Developers for the subdivision, which will be located on State Highway 29 between U.S. Highway 183 and Ronald Reagan Blvd., have redesigned the property to create smaller lots with homes that will be valued around $250,000, DeLaRosa said.

He said on first review, he did not see a problem with the revised plat’s compliance with the City’s Unified Development Code (UDC), but thought it would be best for the Commission to receive input from the engineer and attorney before moving forward.

DeLaRosa gave similar advice to the panel regarding a pending development on RR 1869. He said the final plat, which was approved by the County, omitted the proposed SH 29 Bypass planned just south of Liberty Hill.

“Everyone had some knowledge of the Bypass, but it was not noted in the comments to the landowner,” he said. “If at some time it doesn’t appear that the County and the developer will work out agreements, I will recommend to Planning & Zoning to deny that (plat). Our UDC says future roads must be noted.”

DeLaRosa explained that despite the omission, “no one has lost any ground. He (the developer) is covered with us, but we don’t want to give him default of approval with that final plat.”

After the meeting adjourned, the majority of commissioners said although they were not sure whether the group would need to meet again before the City Council restructured its membership, they would not apply to renew their appointments.

In recent weeks, the Council voted to end the appointments of all volunteers currently serving on City boards and commissions, and invite them to re-apply and be interviewed along with new candidates for those positions. July 15 is the deadline to submit applications, and the Council agreed it would look first at the Planning & Zoning Commission.

In addition to Kathy Canady, who chairs the committee, other members who told The Independent Tuesday they would not seek reappointment include Mike Jacobs, Dolly Knox and Sheri Abrams.

Appointed by the Council in November 2010, Mrs. Abrams is the most recent appointee to the Commission and submitted her application in October 2010.

Commissioner Sherry Montemayor said she had not decided whether to re-apply for the position or not.

Upon adjournment, Mrs. Canady presented each member with a gift of appreciation for their service. She also shared with them a printed copy of the presentation she made to the Council on Monday.