Perry is first athletic trainer to sign from LHHS program


By Lance Catchings

Senior athletic trainer Jacqui Perry signed her letter of intent to attend Howard College as a member of their athletic training program this fall.

She is the first student from the Liberty Hill athletic training program to do so.

“I signed for athletic training at Howard College in Big Springs,” Perry said. “Much of my signing revolved around head athletic trainer Mrs. Harrington. She set up a couple visits for me with different schools. I went to visit three different schools and Howard was the one I felt fit me and I liked the program the best.”

Perry said that the feeling she got on campus and from the training staff made her feel at home and comfortable.

“Similar to how football players or other athletes commit to a program I have committed to the Howard College athletic training program. I will show up to school and immediately be a part of the athletic training program. I have pledged to give my best to their program this year. The head trainer at Howard seemed very interested in his students and their life. He seemed to be knowledgeable about training and I felt he could teach me the most about going into it. I liked the school better than I did the others that I went to visit. I got to see a lot of Howard while I was there and that also played a big part.”

As the first to make this accomplishment from Liberty Hill Perry said she feels proud to represent her program.

“It makes me feel pretty good knowing that I could be the first one to commit to this,” she said. “Signing is a good thing to do in general so being the first one from Liberty Hill to do it for athletic training just made it even better. Athlete move-in day is not too far ahead of the rest of the students since we will all be incoming freshman this year. Once I get on campus, I will immediately be assigned our sport and then will get to work.”

Perry has a goal of making a career out of sports medicine and feels this is a step in the right direction.

“I think immediately going into a training program will help push my future and career more towards athletic training,” she said. “I think it will be a better experience than just going into college and taking kinesiology classes. I think that continuing working in sports will make it easier to want to go into this field and making what I want to do possible.”

Perry has also showed her fellow classmates that hard work pays off.

“Knowing that all that we accomplished this year in the athletic programs and that I will get to continue doing things like that will make leaving home a little bit easier,” she said. “I know it will be different, but knowing that I will get the opportunity to continue no matter how hard the work was this year makes it a little bit easier moving away. For the people that want to go in to training I think it will help them continue their drive and not want to quit. Seeing someone get the opportunity to continue doing it in college may make someone say they want the same thing.”

Perry believes that working in the Liberty Hill athletic training program is the reason she believes her dream job can become a reality.

“I have always wanted to work with sports and be in medicine,” she said. “Before high school that was never really an option. Working with athletic sports and getting the opportunity to be in the medical field just made training very appealing to me. To see all the opportunities, you can do with it makes it exciting. You can work at a high school; you can go professional or you can be a traveling athletic trainer, so the options are limitless.”

Perry has grown up in the Liberty Hill athletic training program over the last four years and is sure to make a positive impact on her teams of the future at Howard.