Parks Board approves purchase of safety mats for playground


The City’s Parks & Recreation Board approved a $400 expenditure Tuesday to purchase safety mats for the swings and slides at the City Park playground.

Board member Deborah Soja said the ground had worn down under two swings and two slides at the playground and the safety mats were needed.

The mats will be purchased for about $100 each and will be paid for with funds from a Williamson County park grant. The grant also funded the playground and a restroom and pavilion that will be constructed at the park in the coming months.

The Board also discussed the costs of installation of electricity at the new facility. Pedernales Electric Co-op has quoted the job at $11,600, which will pay for two meters. Additional costs will be required for an electrician.

The expenditure will require Council approval.

Board Chairman Gregg Evans said construction on the restroom and pavilion should begin any day. He said there was some delay involved with obtaining a building permit from the City, which also had to be approved by the fire department.

The Board discussed the possibility of planting trees around the pavilion. Some scouting organizations  have expressed an interest in helping with the landscaping.

It was not clear, however, whether the City would have staff available to water and care for the trees once they are planted.

The Board also discussed the possibility of applying for a Texas Parks & Wildlife grant to build a walking trail at the park. Members volunteered to research the possibilities.

Interested in finding grants for further park development, Board members Liz Branigan and Mary Lyn Jones volunteered to educate themselves on the grant writing process, with Ms. Branigan volunteering to attend an eight-week course on grant writing at Austin Community College in the coming months.

Board member Mike Wilson was not present Tuesday.