Panther Picks offers weekly shot at glory

You knew the Longhorns would win. You called the Cowboys win over the Eagles.

That’s what we all spend Monday doing throughout football season is telling everyone who will listen how right we were in picking winners and losers through the weekend. Now, The Independent is giving every expert a chance to earn some area bragging rights and a Panther t-shirt to prove it with our weekly Panther Picks contest.

The contest is free and participating is easy, but being right every week may not be. The Independent will select 12 games each week across high school, college and professional football. All you have to do is pick who will win each game, and then name the combined score for the final game.

Come up with the best picks among all online entries and you are the winner. Come up with a perfect set of picks and the right combined score and you walk away with $50. And don’t worry, we will let everyone know that, at least for one week, you were the football authority in Liberty Hill.

We will announce the contest winner in the paper alongside the next week’s picks by our panel of experts. You can take their advice or blaze your own trail to glory.

These sponsors love the game and are excited to have fun letting you see how well they do each week – for better or worse – and yes, at the end of the season one of these seven competitors will hoist the Panther Picks trophy, a new tradition they will hold on to until someone takes it away.

Competing is as simple as clicking the link on this page, entering your name, phone and e-mail and making your selections. All entries must be submitted each week no later than 5 p.m. Friday and we will announce the winner on our Facebook page Monday as well as in the paper later that week.

Join us for some football fun and show your family, friends and neighbors just how much you know about football.