Montes injured protecting father from attacking bull


“This one of the first times I could help him…I could help my father. But that’s the way it happens…you end up helping anybody,” said Richard Montes.

Richard Montes is a well-known Liberty Hill character. He’s a regular at Friday night football games, he’s been a dedicated volunteer at the fire department and local VFW Post 8200 for decades. He can usually be seen walking around downtown Liberty Hill, visiting his friends, and always spreading a smile.

Plagued with lifelong health issues, Montes has always known he could count on his father, Pablo Montes, for help. So, when his father was attacked by a bull on the family’s property a few weeks ago, Richard knew he had to do what he could to help.

“My dad, he was calling out for help, and I helped him. After that, that cow turned around and attacked me,” he said. “He knocked me down. It hurt, and you know it broke maybe one or two of my ribs.”

Currently at home, Richard is being cared for by family members and a home health nurse. His room is packed with Panther and sports memorabilia.
He said he worries about his father, who is still in the hospital in Round Rock.

“My father, he got knocked down. It broke his wheelchair. The cow knocked him down, too. I tried to pick him up…It broke his leg, you know…my father, he’s been asking about me the entire time though,” Richard said.

Richard’s nephew, Max Montes, rushed to his uncle’s side, stopped the bull and called 9-1-1.

Pablo Montes is expected to be home from the hospital later this week — the ultimate Father’s Day gift from a son who saved his life. Both father and son are expected to make a full, though difficult, recovery.

Always the optimist, Richard remains hopeful.

“I’m going to get up, try it again, when I get well,” he said, adding that he would like to make a few changes. “I wish they’d get rid of that cow,” he said.