Life, Liberty Hill and the pursuit of Sticky Bunz

Sticky Bunz owner Amanda Baskin holds up a plate with a few freshly baked vanilla cupcakes topped with buttermilk icing. (Christine Bolanos Photo)

Sticky Bunz owner Amanda Baskin holds up a plate with a few freshly baked vanilla cupcakes topped with buttermilk icing. (Christine Bolanos Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

The sweet aroma of baked delights envelops customers as they walk through the doors. The wooden floors and rustic ambience provides an inviting home-like feel. The treats are neatly nestled into boxes adorned with a signature green gingham ribbon.

This is the Liberty Hill storefront Amanda Baskin, a resident, nurse, wife and mother of three, dreams of. For now, she operates her bakery, Sticky Bunz, out of her home.

Though only in business for about a month, she is already building a reputation for providing her customers with delicious baked goods not offered anywhere else in town.

“I’ve always baked. I’ve always been the family member that brings the baked goods for Christmas dinner so I’ve always enjoyed baking,” Baskin said. “Then I started doing yeast breads and cinnamon rolls and people were very complimentary of that. It’s just something that brings me a lot of joy. My husband and I talked about it for a little while and we decided we should just do it.”

Baskin, along with husband and fellow nurse, Kevin, and their three children Josh, David and Laurie moved to Liberty Hill from Oklahoma about a year ago. They recently settled into their new home and the children enjoy attending Liberty Hill schools.

“Moving to Texas is what allowed it to happen. I don’t believe we have homebaking laws in Oklahoma. The ability to do it from a home base instead of a storefront, is what allowed us to do it now instead of doing it several years from now in a commercial kitchen,” she said.

Sticky Bunz was the result of a few hours of brainstorming between Baskin and her husband. They didn’t want to give the business a generic name. Like the sweets it offers, they wanted its name to stand out.

Baskin said her signature items are the pecan caramel sticky buns and cinnamon rolls.

“Everyone tells me they look like they’re really, really overly sweet but that they’re just delicious. They’re soft. They’re not dry,” Baskin explained.

While she aspires to eventually dedicate herself to her baking full time, she currently stays busy with her nursing job.

She is the weight loss surgery coordinator at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.

“I come from a long line of nurses. My mom and aunt are both nurses. My grandfather was a nurse. I have a step-sister who’s a nurse. I went into that shortly after high school,” she shared. “I love nursing. I still love nursing. I just felt like I was missing something – something that gives me a lot of joy. Baking does it for me.”

It’s therapeutic she says.

Baskin specializes in bariatrics and underwent a surgery herself.

“I always thought it was really cool. I thought, ‘This is really awesome. If I can be this successful with this then anyone can,’” she added. “This can really be life-changing for a lot of people.”

As the weight loss coordinator, Baskin oversees the referrals that come in through Cedar Park Regional Medical Center’s website. She contacts potential patients and determines whether or not they’re a good candidate for the surgery, sends them a new patient packet and makes sure each patient’s needs are met.

“It’s a place of excellence for bariatric surgery so I make sure we meet those standards,” she said.

Baskin also runs a support group and either teaches or coordinates who teaches the support group regularly.

As much as she loves her nursing job, Baskin envisions her bakery in Liberty Hill.

“I could reach more people that way. We don’t really have a bakery in Liberty Hill. We have a donut shop but just being able to get other items would be great,” she said. “I love to bake and we need a bakery.”

Sticky Bunz offers cinnamon rolls, blueberry sweet rolls with lemon glaze, and pecan caramel sticky buns. Cookies come in a range of flavors including classic peanut butter, soft and chewy oatmeal raisin, super cinnamon snickerdoodle, creamy strawberry white chocolate, pure sugar and chocolate chocolate white chocolate.

Chocolate brownies and ultimate double chocolate brownies are available as well as pineapple upside down mini cakes and strawberry cream cheese coffee cake.

“It’s all about God. He opened the doors for us to be able to do this,” she said.

For pricing and other information, visit or ‘like’ Sticky Bunz on Facebook.