Liberty Hill Orthodontics moves to full-time service


By Rachel Madison

At Liberty Hill Orthodontics, what used to be a one-day-a-week practice has now expanded to full-time service to provide more to the community of Liberty Hill.

Dr. Scot O’Donnell, owner and orthodontist at Liberty Hill Orthodontics, is originally from the Chicago, Ill., area, where he went to the University of Illinois for his undergrad degree and the College of Dentistry for dental school. For his residency and master’s degree, he went to the University of Oklahoma’s College of Dentistry.

“As a student I gravitated toward science classes and considered both the medical and dental fields,” he said. “What appealed to me about dentistry was the opportunity to be both a business owner and a clinician. During dental school I worked as an orthodontic assistant and I thoroughly enjoyed the long-standing relationships that my mentor had with his patients and the community.  It was also very fulfilling to see the joy on a patient’s face following completion of
orthodontic treatment.”

O’Donnell met his wife, Barbara, who was also studying to become an orthodontist, while in Oklahoma. Because she was from Texas, the couple moved to Texas after graduation and opened Pflugerville Orthodontics in 1997.

“We originally worked together, and then we had a family, so my wife retired,” O’Donnell said. “Several years later, in 2012, I opened Liberty Hill Orthodontics. We were here on a very part-time basis, and what we found is that we weren’t providing adequate service to families in Liberty Hill.”

When the opportunity presented itself to sell Pflugerville Orthodontics in January 2019, O’Donnell jumped on it so he could be full time in Liberty Hill.

“What I saw was potential,” he said. “Liberty Hill reminds me quite a bit of Pflugerville 20 years ago, from the standpoint of potential for growth. I knew we could make this a full-time practice.”

In anticipation of moving his practice to Liberty Hill full-time, in 2017, O’Donnell developed the two buildings that are now home to Liberty Hill Orthodontics as well as several other local businesses, including Edward Jones, River Ranch Dentistry, Independence Title and Edward Thad Realty.

“We saw a need for a different type of office space, so the project began with us wanting to build our own building,” he said. “We were 100 percent full before we were finished construction. We had outgrown our previous space in Liberty Hill and wanted to present a facility that was more representative of the care and quality we wanted to offer to patients.”

Now that Liberty Hill Orthodontics has had its first full full-time year in town, O’Donnell said his practice has doubled in size when it comes to number of patients. He currently has five staff members, a couple who have been working with him for over 20 years.

“We’ve been together a long time and it makes for a great cohesive unit,” he said.

Liberty Hill Orthodontics primarily provides braces and Invisalign for children and adults. Currently, the practice is serving patients who range in age from 7 to 75. The average time for braces is around 18 months, and the practice also provides 18 months of retainer checks following the removal of braces.

“My treatment philosophy is a more conservative approach,” O’Donnell said. “I don’t believe every child who walks in the door needs braces, but I do believe there is an appropriate time to intervene and intercept a problem. Our goal is to give patients a smile they’re happy with for a lifetime and be finished with it.”

O’Donnell added that a trend in orthodontics that’s becoming popular is the do-it-yourself teeth straightening kits that are advertised on television, and while he agrees a small segment of the population could see success with those programs, he feels most people should see an actual orthodontist.

“Our team works very hard to provide an outstanding total experience that is relaxed, convenient and affordable,” he said. “We attend continuing education on clinical topics and also on providing exceptional customer service.”

Currently, O’Donnell and his family live in Austin, but when their youngest son graduates from high school in 2020, they plan on moving to Liberty Hill, where they will establish a ranch with horses.

Moving forward, his goals for his practice include continuing to grow with the community.

“I believe growth comes with great service and excellent outcomes,” he said. “We want to become someone who you feel comfortable referring friends and family to.”

Liberty Hill Orthodontics accepts most major insurances and offers discounts for those with no insurance. The practice also offers a discount program for teachers of any local school district. The practice is accepting new patients.

Liberty Hill Orthodontics is located at 14362 State Hwy. 29, Ste. 101, and is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (512) 548-5040 or visit