LHWSC Will Disconnect Meters Of LHYC And Others Who Violate Outdoor Watering Schedule


The Liberty Hill Water Supply Corp.’s General Manager said Wednesday he will disconnect water service to the Liberty Hill Youth League every night if necessary to “send a message” that all customers must adhere to a watering schedule.

Wendell McLeod told The Independent that the holding tank at Carson Acres “went dry” Tuesday. He said he cut off the pump and took water samples to Round Rock for testing.

In order to protect customers and maintain supply, he said he opened valves and directed water into that tank. On Wednesday morning, the water appeared clear.
“This (lack of water) is not going to get any better until we either get rain or people stop watering,” he said.

McLeod said the Youth League, which maintains the baseball and softball fields at Lions Foundation Park, has continued to water the fields nightly for more than one week despite the fact that the LHWSC restricted water use effective May 15. McLeod said notices of the watering schedule were mailed to customers that day.

He said the LHWSC office has been receiving calls from other customers “complaining that the LHYL is watering fields after dark every night.”

McLeod said he attempted to notify a representative of the youth sports organization Wednesday, but his calls were not been returned.

He said water use logs show the LHYL used 2,100 gallons of water on Tuesday night, and used 57,000 gallons during the past billing cycle that ended May 15.
According to the watering schedule, the organization may only water on Saturdays.
“I know they want a nice baseball field, but getting a drink of water is the most important thing,” he said. “I will go over there every night after the (Liberty Hill Public) Library closes and turn the water off until morning until they get the message.

“This water restriction applies to everyone — even those who use automatic sprinklers,” he added.

McLeod said he would be on the lookout for other customers violating the watering schedule, and would disconnect water service if they failed to comply. LHWSC has the authority to issue fines for non-compliance, he said.

The LHWSC outdoor watering restrictions were published at McLeod’s request in the May 26 edition of The Independent.

Watering days are determined by the last digit of the customer’s account number. Watering by any method between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. is not permitted.
Accounts ending in zero or one may water on Mondays. Those ending in two or three water on Tuesdays. Accounts ending in four or five may water on Wednesdays. Accounts ending in six or seven water on Fridays. Those ending in eight or nine water on Saturdays.

McLeod said watering on Sundays and Thursdays is not permitted.

In order to expand the water supply for city residents, Williamson County awarded the City of Liberty Hill a $250,000 grant to construct a new water well. However, county officials warned some months ago that the funds, which originated from a federal grant, would be returned if constructions was not under way in June.

McLeod said LHWSC Board members and an engineer searched for possible locations for a new well, but property owners were not willing to sell.

“I don’t think it’s ever going to happen,” McLeod said. “Nobody wants to sell or lease any land. I don’t understand it.”