LHISD unveils new Rancho Sienna Elementary


By Dana Delgado

The grand opening of Rancho Sienna Elementary last Thursday signaled another milestone for the Liberty Hill Independent School District.

It is the first new school to be constructed since the high school opened its doors at their location on west State Hwy 29 five years ago.

An estimated crowd of nearly 100 including parents, community members, the high school band, choir, cheerleaders and athletes attended the ceremony August 17 held outside the main entry of the campus under a bright, August sun.

Principal Melanie Bowman gave welcoming remarks before introducing Superintendent Rob Hart. Superintendent Hart thanked everyone for attending the ceremony and called it a time to celebrate.

A host of speakers, including the developer and architect, hailed the building as “a fabulous facility” and unlike any other school. LHISD School Board President Clay Cole called it “an unbelievable facility” and thanked everyone who had a role in its development.

“What a wonderful celebration this is,” Cole said. “And it was on time and on budget. It’s only taken us five years to grow into a new facility and it will probably take us less than five years for the next one.”

Closing out the ceremony was a handful of students among the first incoming class of Rancho Sienna Elementary. Students took turns expressing their excitement including the opportunity to being reunited with their friends on the same campus. The students participated in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially open the school.

As the high school band played the Panther Fight Song, the attendees entered the facility for a tour of the building.

Rancho Sienna Elementary is a two-story building built to house up to 800 students. Students in grades pre-kindergarten through four are attending the school.

Rancho Sienna Elementary is located in the Rancho Sienna subdivision at 751 Bonnet Blvd., Georgetown.