Police investigating vandalism at Liberty Hill High School


Police are looking for the person or persons who vandalized school property this week. (LHPD Photo)

Liberty Hill police are investigating vandalism at Liberty Hill High School that occurred during the overnight hours May 8, which school officials now say are lyrics to songs.

Police Chief Randy Williams said  school officials notified police of the damage about 7 a.m. Wednesday. When an officer arrived shortly thereafter, employees were already in the process of removing some of the spray painted words from a dumpster in back of the building.

Williams said using black and white spray paint, suspects painted words on outside walls, windows and trash dumpsters located primarily in the back of the high school.

A rock was also thrown through a back door, but no entry was made into the building.

Some of the words that appeared on the brick walls included “Juggalo,” “Big Brother is Watching,” and “Whoop Whoop.”

“Death of a Hater” was painted on one trash dumpster. Another was painted “Hop in White Trash Chicken Boys.”

“We didn’t see anything that appears to us to be threatening,” Williams said. “It all looks pretty random.”

High School Principal Bobby Mabry said “there were no direct threats in the graffiti. After a few google searches, we realized that the graffiti was related to song titles. Apparently, some of our students researched the song lyrics and perceived the graffiti as a threatening message. Of course, rumors spread in a community of 800 high school students.”

At press time for the print edition of The Independent late Wednesday, no suspects had been questioned by police and no arrests had been made. However, the newspaper has learned since that time that suspects have been questioned.

Williams said there are security cameras in locations where the damage occurred, which may have captured images of the suspects.

Criminal mischief is a minimum Class A misdemeanor punishable by one year in jail and/or a fine up to $4,000. The severity of the offense is determined by the value of the property damages.

Liberty Hill police are seeking the public’s assistance to solve this crime. Persons with information should contact police at (512) 515-5409.