LHHS alum Rimann doing big things on the collegiate track


By Lance Catchings

Danielle Rimann is a Liberty Hill High School alum who is doing big things on the collegiate track. The cross country/track athlete competes for Dallas Baptist University and recently wrapped up her sophomore campaign.

“I run the 1,500 meters and the 5k for DBU,” Rimann said.

“This year my season went pretty well. In the 1500 meter race my time improved by a second from freshman year, but the shorter stuff really is not my strong suit. This season at a 5 kilometer race in California I ran 17:35, which was a 20 second personal record for me, in outdoor which was really exciting.

Not only was her personal record a running milestone, but it qualified her for Division ll Nationals in Warsaw, Indiana, this season. Rimann went on to place seventh in the event as her team placed third overall. As a sophomore she felt more prepared this season for the workload and regimen of a collegiate athlete.

“As a team this season we suffered some unexpected injuries so two of our girls did not get to compete at Nationals,” she said.

“I definitely understood a lot more and the effort you have to expect coming in as a sophomore this year. Before you thought you are working, hard but now I actually know what working hard is. There is a lot of responsibility after your freshman year because you are an older member of the team. You have to become more of a leader and be more of an example for the younger athletes on the team. You also have to constantly remember you are representing what your school stands for and show other athletes you represent a good program.”

The 19-year old has many years of running under her belt and logged more miles than she can count, but her passion for the sport started at a young age. As a former miler and two-miler she still cherishes her memories running for Liberty Hill

“I started running in the seventh grade in Round Rock,” she said.

“In the eighth grade I moved and started running for Liberty Hill. I feel my running career at Liberty Hill was awesome. I loved all the coaches and my teammates were great. The support from the community was great. I had a friend and race rival in McKenzie King. There was a lot of good competition on the team, which was nice because it gives you a lot of experience. With other good runners on the team it also humbled you and let you know there are other fast runners out there.”

The lessons she learned at LHHS helped her with the transition to Dallas Baptist University and its program. She believes if you have a gift then you should share it.

“Liberty Hill prepared me to interact with other athletes, coaches and people I have met through the sport,” she said.

“It taught me to work hard and do it in a way without boasting. I feel like if I was blessed with the ability to run from God then I should use it to honor him. It also helps to show people what they can do if they work hard for something.”

Although there are a couple of similarities she carried over from high school, the training regimen was definitely not one of them.

“My training here is a lot different than high school,” she said.

“We run 60-70 miles a week, which takes a lot of dedication. Often you have to run twice a day to get in all the miles. This season we had some pretty hard track workouts as well. The workouts teach you that you can accomplish things you didn’t think you could have.”

Rimann feels it is important for high school runners making the transition to college to know that there will be good and bad days throughout their running career.

“I would tell someone interested in running that there will always be bad days and there will always be bad races,” she said.

“There will be times where you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, but there will also be really great days and great races. After you have had one of the good days and see all the people you have made proud will make it all worth it. That feeling will make all the bad days disappear and anything that may hold you back.”

With her sophomore season complete, Rimann is prepared to journey forward and take her next step in leadership as she enters her junior season next fall.

“I feel this season taught me how to be tough and how to be strong,” she said.

“It also showed me how to be a leader to other people. As I prepare for my junior year I want to continue to build relationships with people. I think one reason people run in college is because it is a good community you can find through your teammates.”

Rimann will continue to excel on the track using some of what she learned at LHHS and a lot of the work ethic that has made her successful at Dallas Baptist University.