LH Chamber members learn tools, tips to boost business


By Brenda Young

Helpful tools, tips and tricks were on the menu Wednesday at the Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Margarita’s Restaurant. Bridget L. Brandt, director of the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce, was the guest speaker.

About 30 business leaders joined the lunch and learn session and received valuable information regarding how to boost their business using technology, social media and personal attention to stand out among a sea of competitors.

“To lose a customer is a really easy thing to do, and most of us don’t call them to find out why,” Ms. Brandt told the group. “Find out why they left, and see what you can do to get them to come back. One of the ways you really get better at anything is to learn how to fail.”

Her presentation centered on how to build a loyal customer following and how to look beyond a simple thank you. She encouraged everyone to “get social” and use social media outlets to their fullest extent.

“The average number of people are twice as likely to make purchases by using social media websites. Make your website appealing and customer friendly. It’s a very classic sales funnel, and there must be an awareness of who you are before they will consider spending their money with you,” she said.

According to Brandt, the majority of business owners feel consumers use a company’s website to receive product information, but that’s not the case. She said 61 percent of all Internet consumers go to websites seeking discounts, purchases and reviews before spending their money.

“Technology is a great way to invest in your business. Also, people love to be recognized; never underestimate the importance of a handwritten thank you note — it changes everything. If I leave you with nothing else today, get on social media websites, if you’re not on already, and always provide handwritten thank you notes,” she said.

Also during the meeting, Chamber directors told members they are changing the date for future meetings, and one of their future goals is to have more collaboration with the Leander Chamber of Commerce to exchange ideas and information.

“We’re now moving our meetings to the third Tuesday of every month so our members can also take advantage of sessions with the Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce,” Liberty Hill Chamber Administrative Assistant Christy Grant said. “They (Leander) started off small, too, and whatever they’ve done has obviously worked, so we want to work with them and collaborate our work so we can become the Greater Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce one day.”

Ms. Grant said the Chamber continues to grow, and the luncheons have been very popular among members. The Chamber currently has close to 70 members.

“We do this to bring businesses together and basically feed off of each other and get different ideas. What might be great for one company may not be working for another, so they can go talk to someone else and borrow ideas to help increase productivity,” Ms. Grant said. “We’re all working to make Liberty Hill better, and I think it’s important for us as a community to encourage each other in support of our town and our families.”