Recycle metal in Briggs and earn cash


Cody Faurie, Micah Vance and Scrappy the Dog are ready to help Liberty Hill area customers recycle metal. (Photo by Kate Ludlow)


Recycling junk metal is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and put a bit of cash in your pocket.

HF Recycling in Briggs can recycle anything from old junk cars to some household appliances, and they offer competitive pricing to make it worth the short drive from Liberty Hill.

Cody Faurie, owner, grew up in the salvaging business.

“My father has owned the salvage yard next door since 1985. He originally started doing metal salvage, but then converted it to a parts yard,” said Faurie. “But it’s a good set up. If you need a part for your car, you can come over here, sell some metal, and make some money for the part next door.”

If you have a junk car in your yard, gathering rust, HF Recycling will buy it. All you need is a clean, signed title.

“We generally pay up to $700. It depends on how much the vehicle weighs,” Faurie said.

HF Recycling can even send someone to pick up the vehicle for you, as long as it is within a 30-35 mile radius.

The process is easy. Load up your junk and drive it to their salvage yard. Once there, “It’s all full service. We’re out there, helping you unload. Soon, our warehouse will be complete, and you won’t even have to stand in the sun,” says Faurie.

On average, HF Recycling sees 60,000 pounds of metal coming through.

“That’s stuff that was originally heading to a landfill, now someone has a chance to make some money from it,” says Faurie. Once they have purchased the materials, HF Recycling then turns around and works with a number of buyers, where the metal is then recycled into other things.

Weekly, HF Recycling constantly scours their competitors to ensure they have the lowest prices.

“We even offer price matching, if you find a lower price. If you’re coming in with a lot of stuff, call ahead, and we might be able to pay you a bit more, especially if it’s separated and cleaned,” says Faurie.

To combat the sales of stolen items, the center records your driver’s license number, vehicle information, and does a thumbprint scan.

“We’re notified about serial thieves,” says Faurie, “If someone reports something, it is entered into the DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) website where they keep a database.”

HF Recycling is unable to accept certain items – no televisions, no tires, and no air conditioning units unless accompanied by a license and a bill of sale. But they can accept a number of other things, aluminum siding, old washers and dryers, copper wiring, batteries, stainless steel, even old computer circuit boards and cell phones.

“Though, the price on a cell phone is only $1 per pound,” says Office manager Micah Vance. She said they are also unable to accept road signs, railroad ties, guard rails, fire hydrants, or sealed butane containers.

But Miss Vance says you would be surprised at what could make you money.

“We have gun ranges that recycle bullet shells, for the brass. We get a lot of aluminum cans. Once we got a trash truck that had caught on fire,” she said.

HF Recycling is located at 229 CR 218 in Briggs, just off US Highway 183. Call (512) 489-2208 for pricing or more information.