Healthcare professional joins LHISD Board of Trustees

Jeff Madison and his wife, Ashley, with their children in back row from left, Montgomery, Henry, J. Paul and Merrill. (Courtesy Photo)

Jeff Madison and his wife, Ashley, with their children in back row from left, Montgomery, Henry, J. Paul and Merrill. (Courtesy Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

Jeff Madison is one of two new additions to the Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees this year. He brings with him healthcare administrative experience, pride in Liberty Hill and the desire to continue the school district’s reputation of excellence.

Madison and Scott Lindquist are unopposed in two open seats on the Board of Trustees, and as a result, the Board is expected to cancel the board election in May.

“My background from the healthcare management side has consisted of working with government municipalities and district hospitals,” Madison said. “So I’m familiar with the affairs of a taxing subdivision of the state, open meetings requirements and the whole process of running a publically-owned entity.”

Madison serves as CEO of Little River Healthcare that employs about 1,000 people, owns two rural hospitals, multiple imaging centers and surgery centers, as well as a physicians medical group.

“I have the leadership, financial experience and business savvy with running a multi-million-dollar organization,” he said.

It is that experience he believes he can apply as school trustee.

“My belief is the health of a community is determined by the health of a school system,” he said. “Without a healthy school district I don’t see the way a community continues to thrive and grow. The school district is leading the growth that we’re experiencing. It’s essential that we preserve the excellence we’ve been able to secure both academically and in athletics.”

He views the role of the school board as a guiding voice to the administration and ultimate oversight.

“But we should absolutely not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the district,” Madison said. “That should be the responsibility of the administrators.”

Madison graduated from high school in Lubbock and attained his bachelor of arts degree in finance from Texas Tech University followed by a master’s in healthcare management. His entire career has been in healthcare management and he is now principal manager of Little River Healthcare.

He believes the key to ensuring Liberty Hill ISD’s continued success in and out of the classroom in the future is to respond to anticipated growth strategically.

“The district needs to be given those resources — such as financial and facility resources — to respond to the predicted growth rate,” Madison said. “Construction of new facilities and any meaningful way to respond to those decisions has to be made years in advance. Planning and timing and design is essential.”

Madison said he has a personal vested interest in the school district because his four children attend Liberty Hill campuses.

“I have at least another eight years of children in the public school system here,” Madison said.

His vision is for, he, along with the rest of the school board, to maintain the different components that have made the school district successful and attractive as it continues to grow exponentially.

“My oldest will be a junior next year, but my youngest will be in fifth grade,” Madison said. “I want her experience to be just as good as my oldest has had to this point.”

He and his family have resided in Georgetown and within the Liberty Hill school district since 2008. He and wife Ashley will be married for 21 years in May. She is a licensed occupational therapist who attained her degree from Texas Tech Health Science Center.

They are parents to J. Paul, a high school sophomore; Henry, a high school freshman; Montgomery, a sixth grader; and Merrill, a 4th grader. Combined, the children are involved in Honor Society, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, softball, competitive cheer and volleyball.

“We love to travel,” Madison said. “We love the beach, the mountains; we’re going to go skiing over spring break. We love the outdoors. We love to fish and hunt and we’re getting into raising cattle.”

He views his service on the school board as an absolute honor.

“I want to make sure future generations experience the same type of excellence in school district academics, facilities, athletics, fine arts programs and more, that my kids have been able to enjoy,” he said. “I think that’s the key to success.”

He believes education is of paramount importance.

“Education is the foundation for our children,” Madison said. “It’s a springboard into their life and career. I can think of nothing more important other than family to guide, mold and establish future leaders of community and state.”