Hall puts his heart into insurance work

Rick Hall, an agent with USHealth Advisors, enjoys customizing health insurance policies to fit his customers’ needs. (Courtesy Photo)

Rick Hall, an agent with USHealth Advisors, enjoys customizing health insurance policies to fit his customers’ needs. (Courtesy Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

After working for shipping company DHL for 22 years, Rick Hall decided to move to Texas and try something different.

“I moved to Texas about four and a half years ago and I decided to retire from DHL and find something different to do,” Hall said. “I really wanted to get into some kind of business where I felt like I was helping people.”

He was drawn to USHealth Advisors because, as he puts it, the company was in a unique position to meet face-to-face with people and help families get the insurance coverage that is truly beneficial to them. He and his family knew they wanted to move to the Austin area, but Liberty Hill’s school system is what attracted him to town.

“We looked to see what school was the best and there were several good schools, but Liberty Hill just drew us in,” Hall said. “The office for our insurance is in Cedar Park so it’s not too far way.”

Hall, who joined USHealth Advisors in November 2014, often drives to his clients’ place of business or home for what he describes as a more tailored and intimate client experience.

USHealth Advisors operates under the HOPE mission, which stands for “Helping Other People Every day.”

“We strive on being able to customize programs that really benefit the individuals and keeping their insurance premiums down by increasing their benefits,” he said.

Hall said his is the only insurance company that is Affordable Health Care Act-exempt. The exemption allows USHealth Advisors agents such as Hall to customize programs to fit needs of clients.

“We build a policy to fit what the client is really looking for,” he said. “We’re actually able to customize it.”

USHealth Advisors offers standard health insurance, life insurance, dental, vision, ancillary — an accident protector where the client pays out per accident; and MedGuard insurance – in case the client is diagnosed with something major and is meant to help keep them on their feet through recovery.

The USHealth office in Cedar Park has more than 30 employees. Company-wide there are about 1,200-1,300 employees across some 38 states.

USHealth Advisors was launched more than 50 years ago as part of Freedom Life, which is the underwriter for the company US Health Group.

“We base on the American Independent Business Coalition and we offer insurance through AIBC so we provide group coverage at an individual rate,” he said. “The CEO and the board are helping individuals and small businesses and providing better services that they need.”

In his role as Field Training Agent, Hall has several agents that work underneath him. He provides insurance to individuals, trains employees and makes sure they are going out and serving clients.

Hall said he is passionate about helping others.

“This is something that is an enjoyment to me,” he said. “To know that I’m able to go out and customize these policies for people to really see the benefits come out of them and how well clients are being treated and the respect they’re receiving for that.”

He shared a client experience from earlier this year. At the time, the couple had another insurance company, but USHealth Advisors was able to provide them a slightly less expensive coverage that also had built-in ancillary coverage.

That coverage came in handy later and not only stopped them from paying out-of-pocket expenses but actually put money back into their pockets.

Hall is a member of the Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce and expects to become part of the organization’s board of directors later this year.

“I’m the type of person that likes to get very active,” he said. “My kids are involved at Liberty Hill High School with sports and academics. We like to give back to the community for what the community has already given to us.”

He sees his Chamber membership as a great way to become part of the growing community.

Though his office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hall is usually able to meet clients after hours and weekends if needed at their office or home. The Cedar Park office is located at 715 Discovery Blvd., Ste. 304.

“Whatever is best for the client,” he said. “I can customize hours if I need to.”

Hall serves clients throughout Texas and invites those interested to find out more by visiting USHealth Advisors online or reaching out to any of the area chambers.

Learn more about Hall and the company by calling (512) 876-5072, or send email to ricky.hall@ushaadvisors.com or visit www.ushaagent.com/rickhall.