Future plans uncertain for Liberty Hill family injured in crash



The remnants of Todd Floyd’s vehicle after a serious collision May 10 in Cedar Park. (Courtesy Photo)

Despite an accident that has his family’s future shaken up with uncertainty, Todd Floyd is remaining calm.

Two days before he and his wife, Kim, were to be remarried, the Liberty Hill family was in a car accident May 10 that left the wedding date uncertain, his daughter’s college education unsure, and his entire family with memories that will far outlast the injuries.

“We were actually on our way to the mall,” said Floyd. “We were going to pick up my tuxedo for the wedding.”

He said he and Kim first married over 20 years ago.

“I was getting deployed. She flew to Oklahoma, we got married, and then I left. It was just a JP-thing. I went to Europe, Germany really, in the Army,” he said.

The couple later divorced, but after only eight months had changed their minds, and were remarrying and celebrating with the wedding they never had the first time around.

Their plans were altered, however, when a 76-year- old man driving a Chevrolet pickup lost control of his vehicle on Hwy 183 in Cedar Park May 10, crossed into oncoming traffic and struck the Floyds’ Hyundai SUV head-on. The driver of the truck, Eugenio Tai, died at the scene. The Floyds’ three children — Macy, 18; Dillon, 15; and Sarah, 9 — were with them at the time of the crash.

The Floyd vehicle then struck a Toyota SUV. The driver of that vehicle was uninjured.

Macy, a senior at Liberty Hill High School, had been in talks to play basketball for Angelo State University. Those plans are now on hold until it is clear how she will recover from her injuries.

“It’s still something she wants to do,” her father said. “We just need to see what happens. Dillon and Sarah will start school again this week.”

Floyd said he remembers the accident, though certain moments felt surreal.

“We were going Southbound on 183. It was right before Block House Creek. I was looking down, texting a buddy about the weeding. My wife was driving the car. She said, ‘Oh my God!’ I looked up and I saw the truck cross all those lanes of traffic. We were in the far right lane and it was coming right for us. It hit us. We spun around, then I saw us hitting someone else because of that.

“After the impact, I looked over at Kim. She was out. She was bleeding, and I just thought she was dead. I tried to open my car door, but my arms wouldn’t work,” he recalled. “I finally got it open, and I fell out on the grass. I tried to get up and get to her (Kim). I didn’t know if someone was going to her, but someone pulled me back. I saw my son at that time, he went back and pulled his little sister out of the car, then someone pulled him back, and laid him down on the grass. I looked over and I saw a parking lot, and a bunch of people were running towards us, then the EMT’s got there, fast, within two or three minutes.

“While I was lying there, I started thinking, ‘Where’s my oldest daughter?’ I hadn’t seen her. Then I started hearing her moaning, and saying ‘My arm,’ and I knew she was alive. I kind of relaxed at that time,” he said.

Kim received the majority of the injuries, Floyd said. She broke her right femur, dislocated her left hip, had a compound fracture on her upper left arm, and broke her left elbow, along with various cuts, bruises and seatbelt rash.

Floyd suffered two broken arms, major seatbelt rash, and has “a pretty good size knot on his knee.”

He said the crash perforated Macy’s intestines, and she received surgery to repair the hole. Dillon broke his right collarbone, and Sarah received seatbelt rash. Floyd said there was concern that Sarah had injured her sternum, but it checked out okay.

“As I was lying there, I looked over and I saw the truck (that had hit them). I never saw anyone in that truck. It looked like an umanned vehicle,” he said. “It was kind of like a missile, and you’re just getting blindfolded. I didn’t see it. The kids didn’t see it. Sarah was sleeping, and Macy had her eyes closed. That probably helped,” he said.

Since the accident, the family has received help from their family and church. When he is at the hospital with Kim, his mother has been caring for the children at home.

As for the wedding, and the future, Floyd says  those things can be rescheduled.

“We’re here. That’s important,” he said.