Finance reports show minimal activity since April 12


During the campaign period ending eight days prior to Saturday’s municipal elections, candidates for Liberty Hill City Council reported some activity since their last required report April 12.

Campaign finance reports were provided to The Independent this week in response to an Open Records Request.

In the race for Liberty Hill Mayor,  Jack Harkrider reported expenditures of $48 for newspaper advertising, $61 for expenses associated with a bake sale and $155.88 for printing. During the same time period, he reported receiving a $200 contribution from Greg and Ann Haley of Burnet. From a bake sale, he reported receiving cash contributions totalling $135 from various individuals.

Although campaign banners and signs for some candidates appear throughout Liberty Hill, including some vacant lots and residences with posted real estate for sale signs,

some whose names appear did not report any related expenditures including mayoral candidate Jamie Williamson.

Mrs. Williamson reported no expenditures or contributions on her documents due May 4. Political signs and banners, as well as postcards are visible citywide containing the legal disclaimer that the item was paid by Williamson and identifies her as the campaign treasurer.

In the race for Place 2 on the Council, candidate Vicki Brewer reported receiving no political contributions from April 12-May 4. She lists expenditures totalling $145.36, but those were not itemized on reports provided to The Independent. The report shows the campaign has $119.05 in contributions on hand.

Other candidates in Place 2 — Della Hodgson and Michele “Mike” Murphy — previously filed Modified Reporting forms indicating that they would niether spend nor raise $500 or more during the campaign, thereby exempting them from more detailed reporting.

In Place 4, candidate Wendell McLeod reported no contributions as of May 4, but spent $21.25 on printing leaving his campaign with $143.44 in contributions on hand.

Place 4 candidate Carrie Van Meeteren chose Modified Reporting.

Among the candidates for Place 5, Sammy Pruett reported $585 in Pledged Contributions from the following:

Fellowship Church, $100; Cat Trax, Inc., $100; Frank and Norma Jean Spinosa, $100; STR Constructors, $50; Patricia B. Rodgers of Killeen, $10; Clyde and Jeanette Davis, $125; Corey and Jamie Ross, $100.

On Pruett’s report filed April 12, he reported receiving $485 in contributions, but did not file the required Schedule A showing a list of donors.

Pruett shows an expenditure of $274.95 on April 16 to DigiTex Printing for advertising.

Place 5 candidate Jim Wofford reported no contributions, but unitemized expenditures totalling $20.55.

Candidates seeking a position on the Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees each filed documents showing Modified Reporting. No contributions or expenditures have been reported by any school board candidate.

The next reporting deadline for city and school races is July 16. State laws regarding campaign finance reporting in local elections may be found on the Texas Ethics Commission website at