EDITORIAL: Liberty Hill, your future is calling


The wildflowers, prom dresses and baseball games out here along the Shin Oak Ridge tell us we’ve been blessed to make it to another Spring. New baby goats cavort in green pastures and our community’s former little babies prepare for graduation and the exciting world beyond Liberty Hill.

As has become common practice at this time of year, parents are preparing to send their graduates off to find their way in other communities. Most of them won’t be coming back except to visit because there are not enough quality jobs in our hometown.

Today, it’s the school district that has the most to offer, but being an educator is not for everyone. The only way anyone can fulfill a dream of making a decent living and starting a family is to move away or spend about two hours commuting every day. The commute to Austin costs more in money and time than many can afford.

Make no mistake, there have been those who have tried to seek opportunities for steady, sustained growth in Liberty Hill. They have been shut down by a political atmosphere that no doubt would make for an award-winning reality TV show, but has been bad for economic growth. The constant back and forth bickering, and angry personal politics seem to have hijacked this community’s progress.

Declarations by elected leaders that they will not work with someone or support another’s ideas is short-sighted and leads toward the quagmire of distrust and apathy. Constant revisiting of issues that have already been decided are a waste of time and taxpayer resources. Major issues like improving the water supply and infrastructure, and government efficiency have been dragged backward toward outdated ideas that growing communities cannot accept. Political obstruction aimed at stopping forward progress because someone did not get their way is a maddening method of running a government.

The constant attacks against those who are pushing for economic development and more sustainable jobs will eventually lead us to a place called nowhere. While communities around us clean up their acts and reap a success that includes providing good jobs for our children and grandchildren, some in Liberty Hill appear to be more focused on being right than they are on helping to build a positive image for our town, which in turn brings jobs and economic growth.

We recall the words of Commissioner Cynthia Long who spoke about economic growth to Liberty Hill business leaders recently. She said she looked forward to the day when we could spend less on roadways to Austin because people could get good jobs and everything else they needed right here in Liberty Hill.

We would like to see leaders do some spring cleaning of old attitudes. And we are hopeful that city voters join in a period of self-examination and think about what kind of community they want. The promise of political pay back at every public meeting, or a future with our young folks in mind?

Here at The Independent, we have worn down keyboards encouraging those who have been elected to public office to find their better angels and work together. We are not going to run out of ink in our consistent push for a better community, and we remain hopeful that just around the bend in the river there will be a place where those who have been tasked with the future will put aside their axes and work toward a brighter day for generations who are counting on all of us to do the right thing by our community.