EDITORIAL: It’s in your hands, now


No more pre-election interviews and stories, no more candidate forums, or mailers or signs. No meet and greets or block walking.

The election has come down to you, the voter, and it is in your hands now.

The Independent has spent a few months trying to do all we can to prepare voters for the decision. We don’t want to tell anyone how to vote, we just hope we have inspired you to participate. We take it seriously because we believe there is nothing more important to the future of our community than the selection of its leaders.

As we attend meetings, watch plans unfold and talk regularly to the elected officials and hired staff that plan and guide the community’s future, we see every day how important it is to select these leaders carefully.

This is your future. It is the future for your children’s education and the future of the home you have chosen to raise your family. Whether it is transportation, parks, tax rates or growth strategies, you have a vested interest in participating in the selection process. Maybe you think schools need more policing, students need more vocational options or that drug testing should be handled a certain way. The best way to impact those near-term decisions is to vote on Saturday. The four people who emerge victorious will play a hand in deciding all those issues, and many more.

Who do you trust to make the right ones?

Historic voter turnout says the community is not so interested, but social media threads say otherwise.

Instead of second-guessing on Facebook this weekend, share a post about how you voted and why.

The Independent is more dedicated than ever to making local campaigns visible and informative, and an arena that candidates only venture into if they are truly serious and ready for the responsibility to participate publicly and be informed enough to lead.

But no matter what our staff does to share the message, ask the questions, and promote accountability among candidates, if you don’t vote, nothing changes.

The Independent will not endorse any candidates this year, only the importance of the decision at hand. This newspaper is not here to provide you an opinion, just the tools to formulate an informed one.

We have no better tools than you, our readers, to make a judgment on who should lead the community into the future.