EDITORIAL: City voters send the ‘enough is enough’ message


Liberty Hill voters sent the “enough is enough” message last week. Let’s hope it’s heard.

Here’s the deal. Liberty Hill voters had a choice last Saturday. Some voted with their ballots and some voted to stay home and leave the decision to others. Either way, it was a decisive victory by percentages.

After the past three years of passive aggressive obstructionism and infighting, who could blame the voters for not wanting to get involved in such a bitter mess? City council meetings too often turned into  dramas resembling remakes of the old Jerry Springer shows.

But then, just as the entertainment level was reaching pay per view status, the voters stepped in, stopped the fuss and sent a clear message to get the city moving again.

Voters sent several clear messages in fact. Obviously they want our city leaders to stop sitting at the crossroads arguing about which way to go and pick a path that moves forward.

It’s also clear the voters strongly rejected the candidates of the past. Voters announced that they are tired of elected officials squabbling about issues and revisiting the same issues over and over, from one week to the next. Instead, they chose seeking common ground and finding solutions to problems.

Making declarations of “my way or the highway” will no longer be acceptable. It’s clear the voters rejected those who announce in advance they will not work with others or accept the will of the majority.

The voters chose the future. They want a higher quality government that functions. The voters do want a full-time city manager. They want a mayor and council to focus on creating jobs, bringing in new businesses and building a solid infrastructure that will support a strong future here on the Shin Oak Ridge.

City leaders need to look at the election results and move fast instead of celebrating. Election results make the winners very temporary stewards of the public trust. Having a council that works together will be a blessing that generally can’t be counted on to last forever.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Perhaps this is Liberty Hill’s time to right the ship and sail forward toward a progressive future.

Or, as we like to tell our children, to whom much is given, much is required.