EDC shows off new marketing materials



The Liberty Hill Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the City have spent two years hammering out a branding and marketing focus to have just the right message to share with the world outside.

That message needed to reach future residents as well as potential new businesses, and what EDC Executive Director Lance Dean calls phase two of the marketing program for the EDC is complete, allowing him to zero in on recruiting in particular industries and primary jobs.

The materials now in Dean’s hands include a 14-page community overview that tells about Liberty Hill and the advantages for businesses considering a new home here.

“Now we have a general overview of the City, a who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going type deal, plus the individual flyers for target industries we are going after,” Dean said.

The individual flyers focus on recruiting in different industries including oil and gas, manufacturing and distribution, defense and intelligence and professional services.

As a part of Williamson County Economic Development Partnership, Dean said the EDC wanted to work to be somewhat aligned with the county-wide focus, which played a role in the industries targeted.

“One, they somewhat align with the greater Williamson County area and their target industries,” he said. “For the people coming to Liberty Hill, a lot of them are coming from in town and moving out with families, but they are also mid-level and upper-level professionals. A lot of them work from home and they are in the high-tech industry, so that fits on that professional services side.”

Other advantages in Liberty Hill and throughout Central Texas helped decide the other focuses.

“We have large tracts of land with highway access and rail access and that’s good for oil and gas and advanced manufacturing,” Dean said. “Defense and intelligence plays right into Army Futures Command, which is headquartered in Austin now, so that’s good for R&D (research and development) facilities, testing and secure facilities we’d be a good spot for that.”

Having these materials in hand – and now online – changes a lot of how Dean can approach his recruiting efforts.

“Up to this point there wasn’t really any collateral,” Dean said. “We didn’t have anything and we’re starting to build that up now. We’re starting to put it on the website and just get more information out so more questions can be answered by going to the website if someone is out of town. We may not know they are looking at us, but now they can get answers whereas before they couldn’t. For myself, when I’m at different conferences or talking to different companies now I have something to give them.”

The EDC teamed up with the City in 2018 to develop and fund a branding campaign for Liberty Hill.

A tagline – “Freedom to Grow” – and logo were adopted, but as the EDC moved into its strategic planning discussions and budget process during the summer, an emphasis was placed on taking the next step in developing marketing materials to promote economic development.

The EDC voted unanimously to move forward with an agreement with Hot Dog Marketing of Austin, and received City Council approval.

Dean got proposals from Freach Design, which did the logo and tagline last year, as well as Hot Dog Marketing.

The contract for $7,385 included development of the marketing booklet, and the four different one-page front and back flyers. A slide deck for Powerpoint presentations was also developed.

The EDC received 250 copies of the 20-page booklet and 100 of each of the four flyers, as well as the PDF files to have more printed later.

Dean said the quote from Freach was significantly higher. The previous work done by Freach was $32,000, split evenly between the City and EDC.