Customers are like ‘family’ to Scott Russo

American Home & Commercial Services owner Scott Russo proudly stands outside his Liberty Hill-based business. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

American Home & Commercial Services owner Scott Russo proudly stands outside his Liberty Hill-based business. (Christine Bolaños Photo)

By Christine Bolaños

Longtime Liberty Hill resident Scott Russo grew up learning the ropes of construction from his dad.

“My dad was a builder and electrical contractor and I grew up next to his side learning aspects of building houses and all kinds of properties and stuff like that,” Russo recalled.

But one area his dad never delved into was air conditioning.

“When I got old enough, I decided to explore the field,” Russo shared. “I liked it so that’s when I decided to start my business. In the interim I built a few houses just because of my background in construction, but I’ve been in the mechanical business ever since.”

Russo earned his associates degree in air conditioning environmental and then acquired a business license.

His first introduction to his profession that would eventually lead to his Liberty Hill-based business, American Home & Commercial Services, began while he was still in school. He began doing jobs for his fellow church members free of charge. As a rookie in the field, he would call his instructor who would guide him through a job over the phone.

“That’s how I learned and then I started doing it for free and then people started talking and it grew from there,” Russo said.

He opened his first air conditioning business in 1989 in north Austin. Then he outgrew his parents’ property, where he had been operating his businesses and bought an office building in Leander.

“We kind of grew very fast in that location,” Russo pointed out.

After about a decade combined at both locations, he got married and decided to sell the property and move to Liberty Hill. His business was then renamed American Home & Commercial Services.

He believes his business offers good customer service in a more intimate setting.

“I think any kind of good, family-owned honest-based business is a need,” Russo said. “We’ve grown every year since we’ve lived in this area. We’ve kind of grown in Liberty Hill as Liberty Hill has grown.”

Like any good business owner, Russo prides himself in customer service and satisfaction.

“I’ve always based my business on charging a fairer price and keeping my customer over the long term,” Russo shared. “A lot of companies charge customers more per job because they don’t care if they keep a customer. Our philosophy is to go over and above our services and make sure the customer got well worth their investment. I get a lot of referrals because of that.”

He strives to treat others as he would like to be treated and that goes for the service end as well.

“I try to take care of my customers like I would take care of my own family,” Russo said. “We’re very picky about who gets to work with us. Our workers have been with us a lot of time. They know how to treat our customers.”

American Home & Air Conditioning has three office personnel, one service manager, three technicians and two installation crews. The company services not just Liberty Hill but all of the central Texas area, stretching out to Marble Falls and Burnet.

“We just did a job recently where a company said they needed a whole new unit,” Russo shared. “They didn’t have a lot of money and then we found out they didn’t need a new unit. She just needed her unit cleaned and serviced and she was real happy because she couldn’t afford a new unit.”

Russo takes family-owned seriously as the company is truly a family effort. His wife, Donna, helps out as organizer and back support. His daughter, Anna Slack, is office dispatcher. His son, Nick Russo, is the general manager and runs the back office and accounting portion of the business.

His other son, Anthony, formerly worked as a service technician but has since moved on to become a fire fighter. Russo’s daughter, Grace, helps during the summer time as an office dispatcher.

American Home & Commercial Services offers air conditioning, heating, commercial refrigeration, restaurant repair and new construction for homes and businesses for HVAC.

Russo is a member of the Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce and has resided in Liberty Hill for 18 years. His five children grew up in Liberty Hill and when they were younger, he was highly involved with community leagues and sponsorships.

“It’s grown like crazy now,” Russo said of Liberty Hill. “We moved here because we like the community.”

To him, his customers are everything.

“Without customers you don’t have a business,” Russo said. “I treat customers like they were my own family. I kind of try to deliver more than what they expect. I work really hard to get good customer service reviews. I try to make them happy to where they can give me a good, positive review.”

He encourages anyone needing home or commercial services to call him at (512) 515-6247 or visit

“I appreciate a chance to serve them,” Russo said. “I know they have a lot of options out there, but give us a try and I think we will become their permanent a/c heating company.