Cross Town Social promotes networking between area chambers


By Rachel Madison

GEORGETOWN — About 100 chamber members from the Liberty Hill, Leander, Georgetown and Jarrell Chambers of Commerce joined together for the first time ever last week in Georgetown to network, mingle and learn more about each other.

Jared King, Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce member and location manager at the Cook Walden-Davis Funeral Home in Georgetown where the event was held, said the social provided an opportunity for chamber members to learn about businesses in other communities and for chambers to grow their memberships.

“Even though our communities are right next to each other, this gave us an opportunity to grow by reaching out to businesses and people we might not normally reach,” King said. “I learned about this type of event from [the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce] because they did a social like this once with Jarrell’s chamber. As a member of the Liberty Hill Chamber, I thought it would be a good idea to host one and invite some other chambers. Georgetown and Jarrell were at the first social, and this time we’ve added two other fairly good-sized chambers. This is the first time these four chambers have ever done something like this.”

The idea behind the Cross Town Social came from Christine Tomazewski, membership liaison for the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. Tomazewski is originally from Chicago, where the two local baseball teams, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, match up against each other for the Cross Town Classic each year.

“I put my own spin on that idea because as chambers we’re crossing into everyone’s territories to get to know one another,” she said. “I came up with this idea last year and pitched it to another chamber, but I never heard back. Then I was at a business after hours event for our chamber and someone from the Jarrell Chamber was there and asked me if I thought we could get our chambers together. So that’s how it all came together. We hosted the first event last fall.”

Tomazewski said she created the event because she found that a lot of mom-and-pop style businesses were joining the Georgetown Chamber, but didn’t have enough money in their budgets to join any other chambers.

“We’re all in this working world together, and we all need to get to meet each other and network together,” she said. “This way we can put that one small business into multiple chambers that don’t normally get that chance. My goal is to host an event like this quarterly and every quarter to have different chambers there.”

Rick Hall, president of the Liberty Hill Chamber of Commerce, said the Cross Town Social is something he’s been wanting to do for a while and he was happy to see so many people in attendance.

“It’s a great way to mingle with our surrounding cities,” he said. “As Williamson County grows it’s nice to be able to have resources available to us outside our city in case we need something. This event is a great thing for us because we can use it to make contacts outside of just Liberty Hill. Jared King has been excited about hosting the Cross Town Socials and he’s working on the Liberty Hill side to promote them. We’re hoping to have one or two more yet this year.”