Family says series of miracles protected Cox after accident



A view from above his seat shows the trunk landed within inches of where his head would have been in front of the fuel tank. (Courtesy Photo)

His wife believes it was a series of miracles that saved her husband’s life after the trunk of a hackberry tree landed four inches from his head as he was clearing trees from a tractor.

Truman Cox of Liberty Hill was using his John Deere crawler tractor with a large bucket attached to the front to push down trees when suddenly a 14-inch hackberry started to fall on top of him.

“He was going to build a fence there,” his wife, Belva Cox, told The Independent this week.

It happened Feb. 29, after recent rainfall made the already uneven ground slightly wet and the tree unstable.

“When the tree started to fall he could not get out of the way,” she said. “The tree fell across the back portion of the tractor right where he was sitting, and the trunk of the tree landed about four inches from his head.”

Mrs. Cox said it was a miracle that he wasn’t killed, and that the tree trunk missed his head.

A smaller  limb, about six to eight inches in diameter, fell across his left upper arm cutting a large gash.

Cox, 83, was trapped against the seat and against the fuel tank right behind him.

“He knew he was in serious trouble,” she said. “He thinks he sat there about 30 minutes with his head down praying, asking God to help him get out of the tractor.”

After several minutes, Cox said the limb moved just enough for him to squeeze through a small opening, crawl over the fuel tank and off the back of the tractor. He then walked to another tractor climbed up the three steps to get onto the seat, drove it home and parked it near the house.

“He walked into the garage, sat down on his shoe changing bucket and told me he needed some help, he had had an accident,” Mrs. Cox said. “He was white as a sheet from blood loss.”

She said it was a miracle that her husband never lost consciousness.

“He always passes out at the sight of blood,” she added.

Mrs. Cox said she called 911 and within a few short minutes, an ambulance arrived.

“They were very professional and caring,” she said.

Mrs. Cox said it was another miracle that their two sons, J.T. and John, were within minutes of their home when the accident occurred.

Cox was taken to St. David’s Round Rock Trauma Center where doctors worked to get his heart rate stable before performing a complicated surgery on his arm. The largest muscle of his triceps was completely severed beyond repair and the second muscle was damaged, but could be repaired and the massive seven-inch gash was closed, Mrs. Cox said.

She said it was a miracle that there were no broken bones.

“It’s a miracle that I was home and could get help for him. Had I not been home, I fully believe he would not be here today,” she said. “We will thank God forever for all the miracles he provided on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012.”

Cox is recovering at home, and his wife thanked those who offered prayers and words of encouragement on their behalf.

“Praise the Lord, God is good,” she said.