Cheney signs with OSU for baseball


By Lance Catchings

Two weeks ago, surrounded by his friends and family Wyatt Cheney made a childhood dream come true. Cheney signed a letter of commitment to play baseball at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.

Having played many years of select and high school baseball coaching was something high on his list of priorities and he felt Oklahoma State had the right stuff.

“One reason I chose Oklahoma State was the coaching staff,” Cheney said. “It was the best coaching staff I probably talked to. I loved the campus as well ever since the first time I went out there I fell in love with it.”

The senior pitcher has been working towards this goal for more than 12 years and when the day finally came, he knew his hard work paid off.

“I started playing baseball around six years old,” he said. “To get from there to here has been a grind. Almost every weekend we would travel for tournaments and sometimes across the country. I’ve traveled to tournaments in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and across Texas trying to showcase my talent and get seen by the right people. I always wanted to play major league baseball and being young I never even really thought about college. Once I started getting contacted by coaches it really sprung on me quick. I then knew this is what I wanted to do with my life, which was to play baseball and get a degree. I hope to get better and improve my game and hopefully get drafted one day.”

Oklahoma State has a storied baseball tradition in the Big 12 conference. Coming from Liberty Hill and advancing to Division I baseball in the Big 12 conference is what most Texas kids dream of.

“I’m really excited for an opportunity to compete in the Big 12,” he said. “I really like playing against talented kids and pushing myself for the opportunity to get better every day. Part of the reason I chose Stillwater, is because it’s not a massive town and it is not a small town. That should make it a smooth change coming from Liberty Hill. Playing in the Big 12 has always been a dream of mine. I grew up a Big 12 fan. I’m excited to get out there with the rest of the guys and see what I have.”

Stillwater is roughly a six-hour drive from Liberty Hill, but proximity is not something Cheney really considered when making his decision.

“I didn’t really consider distance to my family as a factor initially,” he said. “We have a house in Texas and a house in Arkansas. It is only two hours away from Oklahoma State, so they will have the ability to come to as many games as they want to. I’m excited for that.”

Signing day is exhilarating for all student-athletes and Cheney was no different. It was a great moment for he and his family to share.

“Signing to attend Oklahoma State University was an exciting moment and a seal the deal type of thing,” he said. “I am thankful because now you know what the future holds for you when it comes to baseball. I am excited to get up there and start working with the coaches. It was exciting to sign that paper and know that I will get to be a collegiate baseball player. That moment was a dream come true.”

His family has been with him every step of the way and if it had not been for them Cheney said the moment wouldn’t have been possible.

“The biggest person to help me achieve this was my dad,” he said. “He has been pushing me since I was a little guy. He and my mom have always been there for me. They have taken me to every tournament and helped me through it all. They have taken me to practices, games and more tournaments than I can say. On the coaching side, my 14-year-old group coach, Josh Ford, had a huge impact on me. He really taught me how to play the game and how to play it right. He taught me a lot of aspects of the game that have made me successful.”

Although he is currently in football mode as the starting safety for the Panthers, when he looks ahead to baseball season, he believes the opportunities are limitless for his senior year.

“I am very excited for my senior baseball season,” he said. “I love our new head coach and he absolutely knows what he is talking about. I am excited to get better and see what we can do for the name of Liberty Hill in baseball. I know Coach Hutcherson will do anything in his power to make us better. He has really brought the team together more. Everyone is really pulling for each other now and it is an exciting time for us. This year I think our standard has been set high. How good we become depends on how much we want to get better every day and how hard we go at it.”

Last season, Cheney served as the starting pitcher for the Liberty Hill Panthers who finished third in district play and advanced to the bi-district playoff round. He was a first team All-District third baseman and pitcher and two-time preseason under All-American selection.