Clearing up myths about the first Thanksgiving(s)

By Charley Wilkison My mother told me the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by God-fearing people at Plymouth Rock and all the pilgrims from England and all the Indians ate turkey, sang the some good old gospel revival songs and the Indians accepted the Lord and we’ve been doing it that way ever since. My daddy [...]

EDITORIAL: Government should resist conflicts of interest from those with ‘skin in the game’

In recent months we’ve heard complaints that the City of Liberty Hill is not pro-business enough. This is being said even after the turnover earlier this year that sent a slate of new council members to City Hall. At a recent town hall meeting, there were those who raised their voices loud against ordinances, rules, [...]

EDITORIAL: Why the story of the Pogues is still important…two years later

In this edition you will find coverage that centers around issues that continue to shock and concern our community. After two years of enduring accusations of criminal wrongdoing, former Liberty Hill Fire Chief James Pogue and former Emergency Services Director Leslye Pogue, his wife, have received news that all charges were dropped against them at [...]