EDITORIAL: Council should investigate last week’s water outage

Liberty Hill school district administrators should be commended for reacting quickly and having a plan in place to take care of students and employees who arrived at school March 21 to learn that there was no water. By keeping the lines of communication open, administrators were able to effectively execute a plan of action to […]

EDITORIAL: Stop the fussin’ and come to the table to help Liberty Hill

The continuing flap in the seemingly never-ending saga between the City of Liberty Hill and the Liberty Hill Independent School District regarding water and sewer issues seems to be a local political example of the gridlock we so often see in Washington or Austin. We all like to point to the nation’s Capital and pontificate […]

EDITORIAL: Recipe for political courage? Do something.

Some citizens believe the City Council made a huge mistake on Monday night. Only time will tell. However, political courage is an especially hard commodity to come by when seemingly powerful people have promised to end your political career if you don’t do exactly what they say. Remember, it’s not how things begin that matters […]

EDITORIAL: It’s all about the future

We are 19 days inside the new year and for those of us over 40 it will seem like just a few weeks and we will be hearing Christmas carols again. In just two weeks, candidate filing for Liberty Hill City Council races and the Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees positions open. The world […]

EDITORIAL: Mayor Murphy was not laughing with us

Ever had that neighbor, classmate or relative who always thought they were just a little bit better than everyone else? Remember those folks who seem one way when they’re with you, but then you catch them making fun of you or trashing you behind your back? Liberty Hill took another hit in the Austin media […]

Staff Notebook: Giving thanks to a supportive community

As 2011 comes to a close, your hometown newspaper gives thanks to a supportive community. Week after week, The Independent staff works hard to bring readers the information that matters most. Because we do it in a way that clearly separates us from the others — without hidden agendas and bias — we continue to […]

EDITORIAL: Journalistic ethics don’t allow newspapers to have ‘skin in the game’

In recent weeks, citizens of Liberty Hill watched the publisher of the weekly Leader circulate a petition to block the City Council from using the lowest-cost financing method available to improve the community’s water supply. Because of the low number of voter signatures required, the publisher easily obtained them and presented her petition hours before […]

EDITORIAL: Public’s best interest should include transparency in government

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Councilman Byron Tippie offered The Independent an apology, although he needn’t have. Earlier this year, Mr. Tippie questioned whether there was a conflict of interest between our newspaper and a local photographer who is married to a member of the City Council. On Monday, Mr. Tippie said he was mistaken […]

Clearing up myths about the first Thanksgiving(s)

By Charley Wilkison My mother told me the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by God-fearing people at Plymouth Rock and all the pilgrims from England and all the Indians ate turkey, sang the some good old gospel revival songs and the Indians accepted the Lord and we’ve been doing it that way ever since. My daddy […]

EDITORIAL: Government should resist conflicts of interest from those with ‘skin in the game’

In recent months we’ve heard complaints that the City of Liberty Hill is not pro-business enough. This is being said even after the turnover earlier this year that sent a slate of new council members to City Hall. At a recent town hall meeting, there were those who raised their voices loud against ordinances, rules, […]