CAPITOL RINGSIDE: 2012 Republican Primary and Runoff campaigns changed Texas

By CHARLEY WILKISON It’s true that if you’re looking at something every single day it’s hard to know if it’s changing. Kids get taller, dogs get older and things even happen to our own bodies that we don’t even notice because we’re too close to the subject. But, I can vouch that the Texas Republican […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Save the date – July 4, 2013!

Nobody would ever question our patriotism here in Liberty Hill. And if someone ever does—well, they better prepare for a fight. By definition we are what this country depends on most, God fearing, law abiding, flag saluting, tax paying folks. But then, what happened to our Fourth of July celebrations? On the Independence Day holiday, […]

EDITORIAL: Leadership begins with being there

Real baseball fans remember Cal Ripkin Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. He won’t go down in history as the greatest hitter or even as a top shortstop. Instead he is known for having played in 2,632 consecutive games. Ripkin made baseball history by simply coming to work every day. When the City Council’s budget workshop […]

VIEW FROM THE HILL: State of Success

By Joseph Garcia The University Interscholastic League became accustomed to hosting Liberty Hill High School sports at the state level in 2011-2012. Liberty Hill’s most recent trip to a UIL State Tournament was the Lady Panther softball team, capping the eighth time this athletic year the school was represented at the top high school echelon. […]

EDITORIAL: Class assignment for 2012 grads–don’t forget who you are or where you came from

When you walk across the stage at a university a few years from now, the mysteries better be pretty well solved. You will be educated in the American way of specialization and getting a job in the field you worked hard to know will be the first of the remaining goals of your life. You […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Open for Business?

Open for Business? Is Liberty Hill ready for a boom in business? Probably not. But can it get ready in time to be a player? Interestingly enough this week Forbes Magazine listed its top 200 cities in America for business and careers. Texas was well represented with Austin coming in at number 7 nationally. Further, […]

EDITORIAL: Businesses should find better arguments against city fees

For some time now some local business owners have been claiming that Liberty Hill is not business friendly. We’ve given both sides of that argument plenty of ink here at The Independent over the last two years. Examples of new city rules, extra paperwork and more fees have been offered as what some believe to […]


School construction has economic impact on City Over the course of its two-year construction, the new Liberty Hill High School site will have employed as many as 2,500 workers. Architects say the influx of workers certainly has an economic impact on the community. “Liberty Hill restaurants and convenience stores must certainly be seeing a boost […]

EDITORIAL: It’s time to move city government out from under the shade tree

City politicians embarrass the community when they act with a lack of personal decorum. Petty personal feuds, bizarre negative attacks and frivolous criminal complaints seem to dominate Liberty Hill’s landscape and even with elections around the corner, there may be no end in sight. When Mayor Michele “Mike” Murphy wrote a controversial, personal attack against […]

Liberty Hill joins law enforcement community in mourning a fallen hero

Austin Police Department Honor Guard fold the American Flag that was draped over the casket of Sr. Police Officer Jaime Padron. The Flag was presented to the fallen officer's family by Chief Art Acevedo. (Photo by Chris Jones)

By Charley Wilkison The Central Texas area has not seen such an outpouring of grief and mourning for many years. The very public death of Austin Police Officer Jaime Padron last week touched a strong vein of public sentiment. Yesterday, thousands of Williamson County residents joined their Travis County neighbors as they lined the roadways […]