EDITORIAL: Liberty Hill needs a motto!


Maybe if Liberty Hill had a motto, the City Council could move past this herky-jerky governing style of constant political and personal payback and move on toward goodness and mercy, and live and let live. After last week when we all witnessed another 3-2 vote to fire the new law firm and hire back the […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: A remembrance of the world’s best, smartest and most faithful friend

Clyde Barrow Wilkison

By Charley Wilkison When you stare into a nest of tri-colored baby Bassett Hounds it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. It’s like a pile of watermelons, or long counter of different flavors of ice cream or a row of brand new pickup trucks. But the decision was not to be mine. I had […]

CAPITOL RINGSIDE: House takes bold first step to ban texting while driving

By CHARLEY WILKISON Co-owner of The Independent Former Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, R-Midland, has made a political career as a conservative’s conservative since his election to the House in 1972. I was in the ninth grade that year. Last legislative session, Craddick passed a ban on cell phone texting and driving. A few of […]

EDITORIAL: Running for public office is the right of all citizens

Fast approaching are filing deadlines for those who are considering becoming a candidate for the Liberty Hill City Council or the Liberty Hill Independent School District Board of Trustees, or the school board as we Texans prefer to call it. These offices are widely misunderstood, often relegated to obscurity and many times turn into a […]

CAPITOL RINGSIDE: School choice issue faces a showdown in Texas Senate

When Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst appointed State Sen. Dan Patrick as the Chair of the Committee on Education it was for the purpose of making a giant change in public education policy. Senator Patrick, a radio talk show host from Houston, has long held that public schools in Texas are bloated, bureaucratic places where tax […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: A little story about time passing and a red-headed, freckled-face kid y’all helped us raise

Birk Wilkison and his father, Charley Wilkison, at UTSA graduation Dec. 19, 2012.

The saying that it takes a village to raise a child was meant to illustrate everyone’s responsibility in helping to sculpt and raise the young people in a community. In fact, the argument could be made that’s why Liberty Hill cares so much about its schools — it’s a reflection of how much we care […]

EDITORIAL: A second milestone for your hometown newspaper

It’s been two years since we began our attempt at a newspaper bailout and rescue here at The Independent. In some ways it seems like only a few weeks and it has been 104 weeks to be exact. In college, there were these ancient looking professors (in their 50’s, no doubt) who claimed newspaper years […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Want to help the Liberty Hill band program?

Want to help the Liberty Hill band program score the extra cash to help offset the costs of many things that our tax dollars don’t actually cover? Concert trips, instruments and repairs for kids whose parents don’t have extra cash laying around, band scholarships? We do. That’s why The Independent is sponsoring the Liberty Hill […]

EDITORIAL: Is it deja vu all over again?

How did we go all the way from a promised political love fest and revolution at City Hall to elected officials walking out of meetings in anger and frustration? Last Spring, there seemed to be total agreement among local business owners that Liberty Hill needed new leadership. City government would run more efficiently and cost […]

GUEST COMMENTARY: Name new high school after Liberty Hill’s first teacher

Liberty Hill’s first known teacher
(Courtesy Photo)

By CHRISTOPHER LANDRUM Though my family has had deep roots in Liberty Hill for more than a century-and-a-half, being a son of Lampasas, I am an outsider. As a former grader for the written portion of TAKS exams, I’m also aware that the name of a school does not affect the scores of its students. […]