EDITORIAL: Newspapers, reporters should stay on the sideline and report the news

At different times through the years we have expressed our dismay when we see hometown reporters from another publication engaged in political activity that slants news in a certain direction. This week, we witnessed this happening again when The Liberty Hill Leader became fully engaged in a political action, and then showed up to report […]

EDITORIAL: A far different narrative would have emerged if Officer Wilson had been killed

By CHARLEY WILKISON If Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, had been murdered with his own weapon, the sod would already be level over his grave and the dormant roots of autumn grass would be waiting patiently for spring. If he had not regained control of his service weapon inside his own unit, he would […]

EDITORIAL: Panther football brought honor, work ethic and courage to the field and beyond

Way back in August when the air was tortuous to breathe, the boys of summer were doing two-a-day practices. They squinted into the blistering sun and battled an invisible team of fierce opponents. Jerry Vance and his team of coaches encouraged, corrected and cajoled boys toward an intangible place called manhood and victory. Football is […]

EDITORIAL: ‘Charles Canady Park’ would be lasting tribute to leader’s legacy of service

The funeral hearse carrying Charles Canady, owner of the Quick Service Garage in downtown Liberty Hill, made a final pass through the driveway of the landmark business on the way to Liberty Hill Cemetery Wednesday. The flags at Liberty Hill City Hall were lowered in honor of the former city official. Canady, 52, passed away Oct. 16 after a two-year battle with cancer. (Shelly Wilkison Photo)

Charles Canady could have been the hero of a big Hollywood movie. Picture the panoramic views from our surrounding hills, the sounds of an orchestra building to a crescendo like they used to in those old Westerns, the open sky, the San Gabriel River at Blue Hole. Then the camera would move to a shot […]

204 weeks for us, 27 years for The Independent

Please indulge us a very brief end zone celebration here at The Independent as we hit another milestone as your hometown newspaper. Four years ago, we bought your hometown newspaper with only three goals in mind. First, we wanted to report the news to you in a professional manner, to bring in qualified, degreed journalists […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Chickens are welcome in Liberty Hill

There is a new atmosphere around City Hall these days. Folks don’t seem to be as focused on gotcha politics, personal paybacks and replaying the same tired, old grudges from week to week. In fact, people seem to want to get things accomplished. That’s good news and it sure beats sitting around griping. Let’s hope […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: The Independent earns awards in Better Newspaper Contest

For the third year running, your hometown newspaper has earned awards at the Texas Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. The Independent took Second Place in Editorial and Fourth Place for our website, www.LHIndependent.com. This year, 159 newspapers from across the state submitted 1,566 entries in The Texas Better Newspaper Contest. Of those, 103 were weekly […]

EDITORIAL: A message to the Class of 2014 on your graduation day — take a quiet moment before you walk

Did you know that great big high school that you are graduating from in a few days was once just an idea some of us kept talking and arguing about? Next, that idea became a sentence next to a box on a ballot that asked the voters to raise their own taxes. All that was […]

EDITORIAL: City voters send the ‘enough is enough’ message

Liberty Hill voters sent the “enough is enough” message last week. Let’s hope it’s heard. Here’s the deal. Liberty Hill voters had a choice last Saturday. Some voted with their ballots and some voted to stay home and leave the decision to others. Either way, it was a decisive victory by percentages. After the past […]

STAFF NOTEBOOK: Recollections of Mildred and Glenda on this Mother’s Day

By CHARLEY WILKISON and SHELLY WILKISON Mildred Brake Wilkison and Glenda Coward Williamson never met. Mildred was born in rural Sevier County, Arkansas, in a cabin with a dirt floor in 1920. Glenda was born in a rural hospital in Gatesville, Texas. These women came from starkly different backgrounds and circumstances, but their lives became intersected […]