THE HOW DO GARDENER: Tomato time planting tips

By Rick Bickling It’s that time of the year again. Time to plant tomatoes here in the Liberty Hill area! One of my earliest childhood memories comes from a time when the milk, the bread, and, where I grew up, the potato chips, were delivered to your front doorstep. It was a time when the […]

THE HOW DO GARDENER: Crop rotation in the home garden

  By RICK BICKLING We’ve all heard of the expression “Too Much of a Good Thing” and can probably name at least a few times where we may have experienced it ourselves. Too much chocolate cake, too much sun, too much time spent digging in the garden after a long winter. Our bodies have a […]

HOW DO GARDENER: Use raised garden beds to battle deer, dirt

By Rick Bickling Here in the Liberty Hill area, March 15 is the proverbial “D-Day” of the gardening world as it marks our official “Last Freeze Date.” This date was not mystically divined from a few magic tealeaves by a fortuneteller, nor have the folks in Washington proclaimed it as the law of the land. […]

THE HOW DO GARDENER: Now is the time to plan a spring garden

By Rick Bickling The How Do Gardener As we turn the calendar page from February to March here in Central Texas, signs of the approaching spring are becoming more and more evident. When I looked out the window this morning, I was delighted to see the first peach blossoms just starting to bloom. My fall […]