FOOD WISE: Simple ideas for last-minute entertaining

 By CHEF RENEE MORGAN How do I get myself in these predicaments? Somehow, last week, I ended up hosting three different social events back-to-back. I suppose I was excited about having people over to the new house. I know better than to schedule so many things in one week. When I was in real estate, […]

FOOD WISE: Try France for a romantic dinner

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN What a happy coincidence that Valentine’s Day should fall during the very week I’d decided to “visit” France on my year long culinary journey. Wink! Wink! Adorable hubby started it all. You see, John and I don’t go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We used to, but one year I finally […]

FOOD WISE: Feel better with soup this flu season

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Last Tuesday, I was tooling around town, doing my errands and minding my own business. Quite suddenly, late in the afternoon, I began to notice a little tickle in the back of my throat. A momentary thought flashed through my head… “Oh, no! I hope I’m not getting sick.” I quickly […]

FOOD WISE: If you cook it, they will come

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Last week was moving day at the Morgan house. Getting a new house….exciting. Moving…not so much. If you’ve ever moved, you know what I’m talking about. Oh, you start out with the best of intentions. You vow to yourself that you will weed out your closet and unfinished craft projects from […]

FOOD WISE: Arthritis? Low energy? Try Quinoa.

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Whew! What a day! Last Sunday I had the opportunity to participate in a very special event at the Cedar Park Center. The first annual Toros Fit Day, which was sponsored in conjunction with the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, featured  yours truly conducting chef demos throughout the day. What? I […]

FOOD WISE: Food tour stops in Italy for beef marrow ravioli

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Ahhhh, Italia! What a wonderful assignment this week! So many wonderful culinary treats come from Italy. If you don’t believe me, just ask any of your Italian friends. I’m sure you know someone of Italian heritage. Here’s the thing…Italians are very proud of their heritage so even if they have the […]

FOOD WISE: Try Spanish cuisine for Mediterranean flare

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Yea me! I’ve stuck with my New Year’s resolution for two whole weeks so far. No comments from the peanut gallery please. See, that’s the beauty of my pick-something-you-already-like-to-do-resolution plan. Since I’m having fun, so far, so good. Last week we visited the coastal region of Mexico, complete with homemade margaritas. […]

FOOD WISE: Resolve to explore new tastes in 2013

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Oh good gravy! It’s that time of year again. The time when we make those pesky resolutions. Those promises to ourselves about how we’re going to lose weight, read all the great classics, go to the gym at 5 a.m. every day, leap tall buildings in a single bound and all […]

FOOD WISE: Chef Renee’s Annual Gift Guide

Last year, I shared several ideas with you for making your own food gifts in a Christmas gift guide. Your reception of those ideas was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, as recently as last month, someone told me that she had kept last year’s guide for the recipes and ideas. With so many great ideas out […]

FOOD WISE: Enjoy the delights of a Southern Christmas

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN I see it everywhere I look lately. As we are headed into the holiday season, it seems like every magazine and food blog has an article about the merits of a “Southern Christmas.” How to set a southern table. What southern Christmas memories are your favorites? How to decorate the perfect […]