FOOD WISE: Serve some devilishly delightful treats on July 4th

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN I love July 4th! I love everything about it. I love what the day stands for. What better reason to celebrate than to celebrate the independence of our country? It’s a time to reflect on and remember all the sacrifices that have been made to give us the freedoms we so […]

FOOD WISE: Tagine self-bastes food during cooking

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Cheryl, who happens to be a fellow chef I graduated culinary school with, called to invite me to spend a fun girls day together. She  lives close to Lake Travis so it’s a bit of a trek but we try to get together every […]

FOOD WISE: Lavender adds lovely flavor to poultry

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Most folks have the same reaction when I tell them lavender is one of my favorite things to cook with. “Lavender! You can’t eat lavender! That’s just for soap.” If that’s what you’re thinking too, you couldn’t be more wrong. No doubt, lavender is a popular ingredient for soaps and perfumes. […]

FOOD WISE: A fiber-rich diet doesn’t have to taste bad

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN There’s nothing quite as interesting and invigorating as a good, in depth, conversation about dietary fiber. Yes, I said fiber, and I’m not just talking about that terrible, powder stuff you mix with a drink in hopes of avoiding or remedying one of those unmentionable problems, shall we say….sluggishness, we all […]

FOOD WISE: Appetizers for Cinco de Mayo

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Recently, I was asked to do chef demos in one of the model homes at this year’s Tour of Homes. If you aren’t familiar with this event, each year area home builders use this weekend to showcase the finest examples of their workmanship and the homes they offer. All the tricks […]

FOOD WISE: How to throw a wedding in a week

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Ain’t love grand? A few weeks ago, I met a couple named David and Danielle, who are just the cutest! They are young, in love and made for each other. Like many young couples just starting out these days, money is pretty tight. So even though they were engaged and wanting […]

FOOD WISE: Decorate your own specialty cake

  By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Here’s the problem with being a chef…you never get to just be a guest at any party where food will be served. Family, friends, people who pretend to be your friends, they all need some free help when it’s time to party. It’s both a compliment and a curse. A […]

FOOD WISE: Eggs-cellent choice for springtime meal

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, the trees are turning green, and a chef’s thoughts turns to….eggs. Well, what do you egg-spect? (get it?) It is the Passover/Easter season, and it’s as if my chickens know it, or maybe they just know warmer days are coming. The production of those […]

FOOD WISE: Try Moussaka for a taste of Greek Isles

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN I’m in desperate need of a vacation. I’m sure you can relate. Between the job, the housework, running mom’s taxi service, helping kids with homework and breaking up their fights, my most hated chore – grocery shopping, and don’t even get me started on tax season….I’m ready for a break! Let’s […]

FOOD WISE: Translating ‘highfalutin’ chef language

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Ever start to make a dish and realize the recipe is written in what seems to be some strange foreign language? Oh, it looks like English, or American, as we say in my family but it just doesn’t make sense. It reads something like this. Lobster En Papillote (What is a […]