Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day!

By RENEE MORGAN Time to fire up the grill and ice down the beer! Friday, Sept. 18th is what could only be described as the Holy Grail of all food holidays, featuring an All-American favorite of carnivores everywhere. It’s National Cheeseburger Day! Boy, did I enjoy the research for this article. There is nothing that […]

FOOD WISE: Quick, delicious solution to game-day hunger

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN What better way to spend a Saturday than at a bunch of little boys youth league football game? That’s exactly what I did last weekend and I can tell you that no little (ahem, excuse me – Big!) boys ever played more entertaining football. Nevermind the fact that I happen to […]

FOOD WISE: Celebrate fall with pumpkin-y goodness

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN I recently heard that this year’s largest pumpkin record holder weighs in at over 2,000 pounds. Can you imagine? The guy who grew it said he fed it fish and seaweed. That sounds funny, but those nutrients do come in a dehydrated form to use as plant food. It kinda makes […]

FOOD WISE: Crock pot favorites just in time for fall

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN This week, I decided to hold my very own crock pot palooza! Ready to get crocked? So am I. Boy, do I feel like I’m meeting myself coming and going and going and coming. Time to get out the trusty ole’ crock pot. Y’all know how I feel about crock pots. […]

FOOD WISE: Benefits to enjoying bacon in moderation

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN True confession time. I love to collect t-shirts with funny food sayings on them. They say things like “C Shef” with a girl chef showing her muscles, and “baller” with a picture of a ball canning jar. I know, I’m a huge dork! If you were to inspect my t-shirt drawer […]

FOOD WISE: School lunch ideas that will keep children interested, eating healthy

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN With Labor Day came the unofficial end of summer. Kind of our last hoorah weekend before school really starts in earnest. That means early mornings, full days of sports and band practices, youth club meetings and school lunches. I think many times it’s easy to get ourselves in a school lunch […]

FOOD WISE: Respect wait staff by tipping appropriately

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN A few weeks ago, adorable hubby and I were out to dinner with a big group of folks. It promised to be a fun and relaxing evening in the company of good friends. Lots of laughs, good food, a night off from cooking, maybe even an adult beverage or two since […]

FOOD WISE: Monitor warnings for safe food products

  By CHEF RENEE MORGAN There was a full moon this week. You know what that means. A lot of hinky stuff is going on in the world and it’s no different in the food world. Here are a few of the most interesting studies and recalls on a national level. First up, tree nuts. […]

FOOD WISE: Celebrating French cooking on Bastille Day

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN I first came to know of Bastille Day while I was a student at Le Cordon Bleu. There, Bastille Day was celebrated with all pomp and circumstance, and every manner of French delicacy. This, of course; was due to the French origin and traditions of the school. Last Sunday, July 14th […]

Creative ideas for your July 4th picnic leftovers

By CHEF RENEE MORGAN Okay. I’ll admit it. By some people’s standards, I may, or may not, depending on who you talk to, have overdone it just a tad on the Fourth of July goodies. In my defense, we were headed over to our friends, Rodney and Betti’s, who were cooking briskets, chickens, burgers and […]