THROWBACK THURSDAY: Flowler, Nelson put Liberty Hill on the map in mid-1970s

Mel Fowler spoke during the 1987 dedication of the Liberty Hill International Sculpture Park. It was the last time he would be in Liberty Hill, as he died a few months later while in Italy. (James Wear Photo)

By JAMES WEAR Both were artists, both used their hands, both wore their hair long and both left an impression on Liberty Hill back in the mid-1970’s that is still being felt to this day, although it could be argued with some conviction that Liberty Hill continues to reap benefits from sculptor Mel Fowler’s legacy […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Liberty Hill has long been a popular live music venue

Teresa Garner takes a break from picking for friends on the front porch of The Stocktank in this photo from 1987. (James Wear Photo)

By JAMES WEAR Ask just about anybody that’s been in the Liberty Hill area for the past 30 or so years what they miss most…and there’s a good chance they’ll tell you they miss the street dances. Often held to raise money for the volunteer fire department, the dances drew huge crowds and, depending on […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Life on the sidelines

Corby Davis (left) and Thomas Blum take a breather during a 1987 Liberty Hill football game. (James Wear Photo)

By JAMES WEAR Other than playing in a game against Liberty Hill in 1971 when I was a junior high student at Florence, and years later, in the fall of 1978, when I attended a contest between Liberty Hill and Lometa to watch my niece perform at halftime, I never followed Liberty Hill football until […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Recalling the Gabriel Mills bridge dedication

Madge McCormick Smith provided the ceremonial first ride across the new bridge at Gabriel Mills in one of her convertibles. Her riders included Audrey McAndrew Brizendine (in front seat with Smith), Charley Mather (passenger side rear seat) and Harold Asher. (James Wear Photo)

By JAMES WEAR Back in December of 1987, I was among those to attend the dedication of a new bridge crossing the North San Gabriel River at Gabriel Mills, a small community located on CR 236. Among those attending the event were Harold Asher, a widely-known educator who also earned acclaim for his historical research; […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Market Days were a winner for Liberty Hill

Market Days were held in downtown Liberty Hill in Veterans Park as vendors sold their wares from a series of booths that lined the back portion of the property. (Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR It’s been many years, but a lot of folks remember Liberty Hill Market Days. Held the first Saturday of each month at Veterans Park downtown, Market Days brought droves of folks to the community as they would browse through the various booths that lined the back of the VFW property. Vendors offered […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Seward Junction got its name in the mid-1930s

Ellis Newton Seward and his wife, Mary, donated land in the mid 1930’s when US Highway 183 was being built. The couple were paid $100 for moving their house and fence line. Seward Junction as it looked in 1967. The building was torn down many years ago. (Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR Back in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, when the Liberty Hill Cafe was my second home, among my mother-in-law’s frequent customers were Mildred and W.K. Seward. W.K. never was much of a talker, but Mildred enjoyed visiting and for reasons that escaped me, took a liking to this long-haired country boy […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Chesley’s articles provide some history of Durham Park

George Washington Glasscock, who once was a business partner of Abraham Lincoln, patented some 4,600 acres in western Williamson County in 1846 with that acreage including what is now the northwestern half of Durham Park. One of the main streets through Durham Park bears his name,  Glasscock Road. 
(Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR While glancing through some old copies of The Paper, a publication that served Liberty Hill briefly in the early 1980’s that was published by the Liberty Hill Community Education Advisory Council, I came across a pair of articles about the history of Durham Park, which was perhaps the first subdivision in the […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Former student shares memories of school days

Members of a Lady Panther varsity basketball team from the late 1960’s. Top row from left are Coach Cadmus Brown, Carolyn Ross, Paula Lane, Lori Lay, Carleene Wright, Sarah Jones and Connie Sue Foust. Second row from left are Bertha Reed, Teresa Williams, Denise Williams, Mary Parker, Sue Williams, Pam Williams, Debbie Mather and Effie Montgomery. Front row are Margot Lynn Wetzel, Donna Jay, Wanda Johnson and Sybil Brown. (Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR I’d just completed my last column when I mentioned to my wife one of the stories Billy Ray Guerin told me about students climbing out of windows for a ride down the fire escape. “Oh, yeah,” she said, “Those windows were open a lot, and sometimes the milkman, after making a delivery […]

Old Red Brick School House produced community leaders

The Liberty Hill sixth grade in 1947 included from front row left, Gene Landrum, Joe Ed Canady, Gerald Dickinson, Eugene Childers and David Williams. Second row are J.L. Smith, Tommy Pope, Earlene Inmon, Bessie Lee Dycus, Eloise Woods, Faye Kirk, Jimmy Wilson and Norman Bonnett. Third row are Ethelene Chandler, Letha Jo Mather, Beverly Speed, Betty Smith and Jean Ledbetter. Fourth row are Lois Williams, Edna Earle Jackson, Robert Berry, Alfred Gilmore and Frances Johnson. The fifth row includes Earl Inmon, Edward Odis, Kenneth Lane, George McAnnally, Miss Lock, Ruth Floyd and Gale Kauffman. (Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR The year was 1947. Two years earlier, atomic bombs had been dropped on Japan, bringing the Pacific conflict of World War II to an end. President Harry Truman, who issued the order to attack, was still in office in 1947, the year that would see Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Chickens doomed Liberty Hill’s first incorporation attempt

Nathan Wetzel, pictured here with wife Margot, was among the proponents when Liberty Hill first attempted incorporation in 1984. Wetzel, who was later elected as Liberty Hill’s first mayor following a successful 1999 incorporation election, was among those seeking a post as city commissioner in 1984. Both have since passed away. (Courtesy Photo)

By JAMES WEAR It was about this time some 30 years ago that Liberty Hill was abuzz with talk of incorporation, and leading up to the August 11, 1984 election, there was plenty of controversy swirling as residents debated the issue. I’ve been unable to come up with the official number of votes regarding the […]