Bertram EDC Directors reappointed

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — Four seats on the Bertram Economic Development Corp.’s Board of Directors have come to term and the Council unanimously agreed Tuesday to reinstate those existing board members. Directors whose terms were renewed include Pat Moore, LaDale Young, Mike Richardson and Georgina Hernandez. Their terms will expire in March 2015. “All […]

City of Bertram halts duplex construction at Castleberry Court

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — Mayor Dickie Allen said the City erred when a building permit for multi-family dwellings  at 104 and 106 Castleberry Court was issued. In recent days, he ordered all construction be stopped. The two lots positioned behind a Mexican restaurant on State Highway 29 and Castleberry Court were rezoned for commercial […]

Deadline March 11 to file in Bertram Mayoral race

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — Citizens considering a run for Mayor of Bertram have until March 11 to apply for the special election on May 11. Incumbent Mayor Dickie Allen is running to fill the unexpired term of mayor that began in November 2012 when Mayor Winette Morris moved out of the city. Allen was […]

Bertram Council considers park land acquisition

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — The Bertram City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to acquire a 2.81 acre right-of-way at 725 W. Vaughan Street from the Texas Department of Transportation that is adjacent to the city swimming pool. The land will be added as city park property. This is a transfer of ownership between the two […]

Bertram voters to decide MDD

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — Seeking to grow the community and attract new business and jobs, the City of Bertram is considering the creation of a Municipal Development District that would be funded by a one-quarter percent increase in the sales tax. At the Feb. 12 regular meeting of the Bertram City Council, Mayor Dickie […]

Bertram eliminates city cell phones, will repair railroad crossings

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — No more bumpy railroad crossings in Bertram. Residents here can look forward to smoother railroad crossings in the future. At Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Bertram City Council, members voted unanimously to repair all four railroad crossings after lengthy discussion debating the closing of two of those crossings. Chris […]

Bertram residents to pay more for sewer, trash pick-up

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — Bertram residents will see an increase in their sewer and trash rates beginning with their March bill. Sewer will increase from a base rate of $18 for the first 2,000 gallons, to $22.50. The additional usage fee of $1.85 per 1,000 gallons will not change. Trash service will increase from […]

Bertram names new police chief

By Catherine Hosman BERTRAM — The City of Bertram has hired a University of Texas police officer as its new police chief. Bertram Mayor Dickie Allen said the Council selected Tracy Weems as Police Chief on Jan. 22. He will be sworn in Feb. 1. In his new position, Weems will face some challenges beginning […]

Bertram family changes life for Haitian boy after earthquake

By KATE LUDLOW BERTRAM — In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean country of Haiti. The already turbulent nation suffered the loss of approximately 316,000 lives, while approximately 300,000 more were injured. At least 1 million people were left homeless as a result of the earthquake and subsequent flooding. As the world […]

At 84, Bertram instructor helping others find strength, discipline and good health with yoga

By KATE LUDLOW BERTRAM — “Yoga literally means to yoke up. To harness. To get it all together.” That’s how 84-year-old Billie Gollnick of Bertram describes the impact that yoga has had on her life. “What if I had to live in this body for 100 years? If I do, I want to be comfortable,” […]