Book sale to benefit Public Library



Two local library lovers have taken their affection for books to a new level with the Friends of Liberty Hill Public Library Book Sale.

The sale is Aug. 1-4 at the pavilion adjacent to the library in Lions Foundation Park.

Beginning Wednesday, the sale will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. through Friday, and will be open Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 Noon.

“One of my most favorite things to do is try to raise money for things I truly believe in, and the library needs money,” said Andrea Aragon-Brown. “We wondered what could we do to help them.”

Brown and Kristin Giuoco, the primary planners of the event, came up with the idea as they pondered ways to get the community involved to raise money for the library.

“Well, they always sell books, and I thought, ‘Why don’t we do a book sale?’” Brown said. “That way, they can get the books out of the library they are trying to sell, we can get books in and then every dime of that money will go back to the library for the renovation, the roof or whatever they need it for.”

The next question was when, and after seeing the daily crowds during the Summer Reading Program it was obvious.

“I said let’s do it during summer reading,” she said, adding that Librarian Angela Palmer had told her they often had to tell people to stop bringing books to donate because they have no room for them. “I thought that was perfect.”

The sale will have books generally priced from a quarter to a few dollars, and with hundreds of books already on hand, Brown knows there will be something for everyone.

“It is a great mix,” she said. “We have education materials, we have cookbooks, a lot of fiction and non-fiction and a lot of children’s books. We have health and wellness, and a lot of stuff that pertains to the Bible and Bible studies. We definitely have something for everybody.”

The library was able to raise enough money for its roof through the Liberty Hill Day of Giving, and Palmer said the added assistance was going to help many other projects get done.

“This is wonderful,” Palmer said. “I’m very excited. It is just wonderful that these two young women in the community have stepped up to do this for us, it just means a lot because it improves awareness and we can raise some funds we can put toward the things we need done.”

Finding a way to help the library grow with the community is important to Brown.

“The library is a big part of Liberty Hill,” she said. “It is the beating heart of Liberty Hill and it helps our children, it helps the adults. The women that work there are so nice and so helpful, that I don’t know what would happen to our community if that library wasn’t there.

“I’m hoping that we make enough money that they can continue the renovation and add on, because we do need a bigger library. These kids need more books because the more they’re reading the more educated they are.”

In addition to the library’s summer push to read more, the sale helps make books more affordable for everyone in the community.

“This makes reading affordable to people who may not be able to get to the library very often or they like to have their own books,” Palmer said. “It is an affordable way to recycle, reuse and spread the books around.”

Organizers are accepting books and DVDs and will take them at the sale up until Aug. 4.

“Our plan is that whatever we have left over I’d like to take them to Half Price Books because I know they’ll recycle them,” Brown said. “I will not throw away books. If we can get some money, that money will go back to the library, if not at least we know they’ll be recycled.”

Books can also be dropped off ahead of the sale at the library, McCoy Farmers Insurance, Bluebonnet Boutique, Flock Fitness, Texas Black Belt Karate, Over the Hill Gang, Austin Nutrition, Liberty Hill Pediatrics and Care First Clinic.

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