Bojorquez resigns following Council vote to fire him


The City of Liberty Hill’s former attorney resigned July 26 even though the City Council voted 3-2 to fire his firm two weeks earlier.

In a letter of resignation to City Council members, which was also provided to The Independent, Alan Bojorquez said a motion made by Councilmember Vicki Brewer during a special meeting on July 15 failed to pass by the correct number of votes. Therefore, he was still the City Attorney.

“It is my understanding that a motion was made to terminate our servies; however, only three of the five city council mbmers voted in favor of the motion. In accordance with Texas Local Government Code Section 22.077, the motion failed because the motion did not receive the required support of a two-thirds majority. Thus, as of this date, I remain the lawfully-appoointed and duly-authorized City Attorney of Liberty Hill.

“However,  it is difficult to see why our firm would continue to represent the City of Liberty Hill under these circumstances. Regardless of the politics or personal vendettas, we consistently respect the will of the City Council. Therefore, I hereby resign my position as City Attorney, effective immediately,” Bojorquez wrote.

In the same vote that terminated Bojorquez, the Council retained Georgetown Attorney Art Rodriguez of the Russell & Rodriguez law firm.

Russell & Rodriguez represented the City of Liberty Hill 12 years before it was terminated in 2012 by Mayor Jamie Williamson, Council members Vicki Brewer, Wendell McLeod, and members of the previous council.

McLeod and Council member Connie Fuller voted no on July 15 to fire Bojorquez and hire Rodriguez. Those voting in favor were Mrs. Brewer and Council members Liz Rundzieher and Elizabeth Branigan. The Mayor, who advocated for the change, cannot vote except to break a tie.

Borjorquez claimed his firm was targeted by the Mayor for dismissal after attorneys followed the direction given by the majority of the Council to facilitate the employment of Greg Boatright at interim city manager and limit the Mayor’s authority.

“She (Mayor Williamson) added us to her Hit List,” Bojorquez wrote in an email that was made public by Mrs. Fuller. “The Mayor’s history of trying to get rid of those who disagree with her is well-documented.”