Bertram EDC Directors reappointed


By Catherine Hosman

BERTRAM — Four seats on the Bertram Economic Development Corp.’s Board of Directors have come to term and the Council unanimously agreed Tuesday to reinstate those existing board members.

Directors whose terms were renewed include Pat Moore, LaDale Young, Mike Richardson and Georgina Hernandez. Their terms will expire in March 2015.

“All are willing to serve another term,” said Mayor Dickie Allen. “There were no other applicants.”

Residents of Bertram were reminded about the Bulk Trash Days from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 6, and from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon Sunday, April 7.

“Dumpsters will be at the sewer plant and you need a permit to dump,” said Mayor Allen. “No hazardous materials like paint, chemicals, fluorescent bulbs, oil filters, etc. Residents who dump have to pay trash to the City of Bertram.

Permits can be picked up at City Hall to drop off bulk trash at the sewer plant 2110 W. State Highway 29 in Bertram. There is no charge for the permits.

Residents who need to dump hazardous materials can do so on April 20 during the 2013 BOPATE (batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze, tires and electronics) collection in Marble Falls from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. next to Mustang Equipment on US Highway 281. For more information on either of these events, call Bertram City Hall at (512) 355-2197.

A stop work order issued by the City of Betram for the development of a duplex at 104 and 106 Castleberry Court was upheld pending further discussion between the City and Board of Adjustments and Appeals. The two lots positioned behind a Mexican restaurant on SH 29 were rezoned for commercial use only at the March 8, 2005, meeting of the Bertram City Council. The lots were being used as a turnaround for construction trucks entering the court and additional parking for the restaurant. Once development began on the duplexes, construction vehicles began to use the Castleberry Court cul-de-sac as a turnaround. There are eight single family dwellings built around the cul-de-sac and multi-family townhomes at the back of the area.

“This is a serious thing,” said Council member John Mandigo. “We need to look at the zoning for lesser uses.”

“It’s not so much the duplexes, but getting this other problem solved,” added Mayor Allen citing the increase of hazardous traffic using the court as a turnaround. No action was taken.

The Council reminded everyone that the formation of a Municipal Development District will be on the ballot May 11 and if passed, would be funded through a ¼ percent sales tax increase. Similar to the Economic Development District, the MDD would generate funding to help bring in new commercial development to the area.

Also on the ballot, is the renewal of the ¼ percent Street Maintenance Tax. The tax is currently in effect but Mayor Allen said it had to be renewed “every so often.”

“For sure I support this because this is how we repair the streets in Bertram,” Mayor Allen said.

A motion to enter an agreement with Protouch Staffing Professional Services to staff a full-time phlebotomist at the Burnet County Jail for the purpose of DWI blood draws was unanimously agreed to by the Council.

Chief Tracy Weems said that officers currently must drive to either Lampasas or Llano to conduct a blood draw, which is 30 miles one way. If the agreement is entered, the Bertram Police Department can use the service free of charge until the end of October. There is a 30-day option to back out after the first year. The cost to draw blood would be $50 per person or approximately $2,000 for one year. Donations would bring the cost down.

“Breath (tests) are becoming less and less and blood draws are becoming the evidence of choice,” said Chief Weems.