Anytime Fitness offers personal attention, 24-hour access

Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness

Aaron Skinner, LeeAnn Skinner and Nathan Bunker

Staff Writer
Anytime Fitness’ motto fits them well — “Just Right.”

With the new 24-hour fitness facility set to open in Liberty Hill in late November, Anytime Fitness offers an exercise environment that’s not too big, not too small, but rather, just right.

“We’re not here to see how many members we can get, rather we are here to offer a service to a members, we are here to know faces and remember names” says Owner and Personal Trainer Nathan Bunker. “Think about how long it takes you to get to other gyms, and actually start your workout. We offer a 30-minute workout in 32-minutes.”

Though smaller than “big box clubs,” Anytime Fitness offers members a host of benefits, including features not widely available.

It’s state-of-the-art Fitness on Request system allows members to access a large collection of workout videos through a kiosk located in the fitness classroom. This means that at any time of the day or night, members can participate in a Pilates, yoga, cycling, latino dancing(aka zumba), body bar, body pump, or any other one of over 40 classes updated monthly.

“This is a huge benefit for someone like a stay-at-home mom, or anyone with a schedule and kids. You might not always be able to make a certain class at a certain time, but you want that class experience,” says Bunker. “With Fitness on Request, it’s on your own time, or with friends, at your convenience.”

Liberty Hill’s Anytime Fitness will be 1 of 122 in the nation to utilize that technology, he said.

Anytime Fitness also offers complete circuit training, ab machines, kettle balls, dumbbells and a neat feature – actual workout stairs.

“We will be one of the few Anytimes to have a Stairmaster,” said Bunker. “it is the original Stairmaster that has actual stairs that rotate, like an escalator .”

In addition to the equipment, owners Bunker, Aaron Skinner and his wife, LeeAnn Skinner, aim to offer a better workout environment.

“When you work out, one of the owners will be here to make you feel at home. If you have questions about your workout, we’re here to answer them. We’ll walk you around and show you our machines, and how to use them properly,” says Bunker.

The facilities are newly built, with private bathrooms and showers instead of the usual communal shower area.

“We don’t have the locker room environment,” adds Skinner.

Anytime Fitness works to combat the usual gym cliques, where members huddle together, by offering what Skinner describes as “a club culture, where everyone is involved. Whether it’s hanging stockings at Christmas or what, we want everyone to know the names of the other members, and in a small-town, it’s the right environment, and we can get on a more personal level.”

“I had a membership with another gym,” said Bunker. “They knew my driver’s license number, my bank account information, but they didn’t know who I was when I walked in the door. We want a small, private gym.”

An Anytime Fitness membership also includes access to the Anytime Health website, which allows the user to track workouts, count calories, and offers a database of workouts, recipes and diet plans, as well as correct workout techniques to prevent injuries.

“You can create a program, then email it to yourself, print it out, or download the Anytime Health App (Free App),” said Bunker. “Then, you can access it on your phone, and pull it up while at the gym.”

With a 24-hour facility, security is naturally a concern, and Anytime Fitness has multiple safety measures in place.

“Every member will have a unique barcode security key, that will open the door for member access, and we can track who comes in. There are multiple security cameras in place as well as a high-tech security system. We have security necklaces, where if there is an emergency, you can punch a button, and it’s a 911 call. There’s also a big red button that can be pushed, also a 911 call as well as a 911 phone.”

Bunker is a licensed paramedic, and a personal trainer. He also has a background in physical therapy. He and partner Aaron Skinner are both certified personal trainers, and Skinner works as a police officer for the Austin Police Department.

LeeAnn Skinner, who will function as the gym’s manager, also works as a registered nurse for Dell Children’s Hospital.

For information on membership, visit or stop by the future location, 14365 W. State Highway 29, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for pre opening registration staffed hours. When doors open regular staffed hours will be Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.