All Girls Considered drops first podcast


By Anthony Flores

Staff Writer

After weeks of preparation, the time has finally come for the release of the Liberty Hill Junior High chapter of the All Girls Considered to release its first podcast episode.

This debut episode – available Wednesday – turned out to be more timely than anyone could have imagined.

For this first episode 7th graders Monique Achumama and Gabby Vargas interviewed Emergency Management deputy director Shantelle Brannon. Brannon made history earlier this year by being the first female in Williamson County to be named to the deputy director position.

“The girls asked her a multitude of questions about how she came to this position, what inspired her, how she defines success, and what advice she has for other girls,” said AGC sponsor and LHJH librarian Katie Ann Prescott.

Because Brannon’s role as deputy director involves the development of specialized plans for disaster situations – including pandemics – Achumama and Vargas cover the topic of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“These girls interviewed her the Friday before we left for Spring Break when there was a lot of talk about COVID-19,” said Prescott. “She predicted it. She predicted how bad it was going to get before it happened. She talked a lot about what the next steps were going to look like for COVID-19 before we even got there. Now we’re kind of living what she predicted, and it’s kind of interesting and ominous.”

The first episode of AGC Podcast comes out Wednesday (April 22) and can be downloaded on various platforms including Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

All Girls Considered is a nationwide organization founded in Leander and dedicated to the empowerment of girls through podcasting.

Listen this week, and read more about the recording and experience of making this first episode in the April 30 edition of The Independent.