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Young author gets it right

Teen Bookworms Review: By KATIE WILKISON Student Reporter Forget everything you have ever thought of as the “fantasy” genre. Done? Great. Now go read The Key of Amatahns. This book is unlike any that I have read before. A perfect mix of some humor and tense action with beautifully written emotion and dark twists, this […]

Local residents stay positive on summer trip cut short by ash

By KATE LUDLOW Staff Writer What started out as a grand adventure for some Liberty Hill residents, ended up placing them in the middle of a catastrophe. But for former Liberty Hill High School teacher Van Calvin, it was easy to keep a good attitude about it. Calvin, Liberty Hill Real Estate Agent Suzy Bates, […]

Board votes to end water fight — hires City

In a tense meeting June 20, the Board of Directors of the Liberty Hill Water Supply Corp. voted 3-2 to immediately turn over all operations of the water system to the City of Liberty Hill. Intended to bring an end to months of controversy regarding the management practices of General Manager Wendell McLeod, Board member […]

Officials say LHISD ‘can survive’ projected cuts in state funding

Early budget projections show the Liberty Hill Independent School District could lose $623,676 in state funds for 2011-12 – a figure that would have been significantly higher if the school district was not growing in enrollment. Business Manager Frank Watson told school trustees Monday that legislation adopted in June changed the amount the school district […]

Cash-strapped Williamson County ESD #4 has spent 82% of annual budget, sells fire truck to Bertram

Fire Chief Bruce Watson informed the Emergency Services District Board of Commissioners Monday that the fire department has used 82% of its budget with two months remaining in the fiscal year. Finances are becoming so tight that the ESD sold its 2002 Super Vac Rescue Truck to Burnet County’s ESD #4 (Bertram’s Volunteer Fire Department). […]

Proposed city budget calls for full-time police department, improvements to water infrastructure

The City of Liberty Hill could have a full-time police department in the coming fiscal year if the City Council approves a proposed budget that would provide funds for up to two new patrol positions. But a 24-hour police presence is not the only new addition to a new city budget. Also proposed are two […]

LHISD chooses Chisolm Trail as water provider for new high school

An announcement that the school district had chosen Chisholm Trail Special Utility District to provide water to the new high school and athletic complex came as a surprise to city officials this week. During a meeting of the district’s Board of Trustees Monday, Superintendent Dr. Rob Hart said that even though the Liberty Hill Water […]

Local teen is published fantasy author

By KATE LUDLOW Staff Writer One can describe teenagers in many ways, but lacking in imagination is rare. So while it is unusual, it is no surprise that 15-year-old Elisabeth Wheatley was able to come up with a story so imaginative that she was able to turn it into a book, which will eventually become […]

New Worship Center planned for Liberty Hill’s oldest church

By CHARLEY WILKISON A new Worship and Wellness Center is being constructed on acreage just a few yards east of the historic downtown United Methodist Church. The building committee anticipates being completely finished with the first phase of the annex by Easter Sunday, next spring. “This will give us a new larger facility to spread […]

Harkrider inviting opinion leaders to discuss long-term goals for the community

One member of the City Council says he believes it’s time for the community to come together to develop long-term goals to guide the anticipated growth of Liberty Hill. “We don’t have any long-range goals for the city. I think we need to look five to 10 years away to see where we want to […]